About us

Being a performer is an adventure;

It is a journey of self-discovery and developing a deep awareness of your emotional connection connection with the world around you. Being a performer comes with an intense drive to explore, to discover and to learn and, in the process, heighten your empathy.

Message from Studio Starlit

Studio Starlit is a unique and unconventional theatre production company dedicated to nurturing the talents of all young performers and public speakers.

We are committed to building a platform where our students can express their thoughts and feelings creatively & confidently while cultivating a love of learning and sense of community through team building.


Our courses, workshops and rehearsals are designed to run in conjunction with the highest international standards of theatrical practice, putting forward our core values of:


We believe that through these values, our students can shine from within and become the best versions of themselves wherever and whenever.

We look forward to taking the stage with you!

To provide our students
the platform,
the tools
and the skills

To not only tread the boards with sincerity, but also to grow beyond ordinary theatre and public speaking conventions. To act is to understand humanity. Hence, we will encourage our students to learn philosophy, psychology and history. We want our students to delve into the sciences, the humanities and beyond and by doing so, grow as performers and empathetic members of society.

Our Partner Institution:

Studio Starlit is proud to collaborate with the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) as an institutional partner. With a rich history dating back to its founding in 1861, LAMDA has established itself as the UK’s leading statutory awarding body for speech and drama. Drawing from LAMDA’s syllabus, Studio Starlit offers a world-renowned programme that enhances communication skills, boosts self-confidence, and fosters strong social abilities for students aged 5 to 18 and beyond. As an accredited awarding body of OFQUAL (The Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator in England), LAMDA’s qualifications are widely recognized, even within the UCAS tariff for UK university entrance. With dedicated exam sessions and experienced examiners flown in from the UK, Studio Starlit ensures a seamless examination process and timely issuance of certificates.

Our Partners

Studio Starlit works in partnership with schools and centres across Hong Kong. We deliver engaging and progressive extracurricular programmes in drama and performing arts which form a vital part of any young learners’ educational and personal development.

A variety of performance based subjects across our centres and schools. Our curriculum allows for a large amount of creative freedom and our lesson plans are structured in such a way that all of our students walk away with a practical and working knowledge of the material at hand. Studio Starlit provides integrated LAMDA Performance and Communication Programmes to ensure that learners are rewarded with an international qualification. We embrace the examination process as another opportunity for students to share their creativity with others while keeping the experience as enjoyable as any class activity.

Our Partner Schools:

Our Team

Shanty Cheung

Creative Director

Clarissa Evans

Senior Advisor - LAMDA

Reggie Yip


Terence Makapan


Jasmine Wong

Administrative & Accounting Officer

Hanco Kamper

Graphic Designer

Adam Wesley Buttrill

Speech & Drama Coach

Kaycee Li

Marketing Executive


Speech & Drama Coach
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Shanty Cheung

Creative Director


My passion has always been to perform and be onstage, but I did not believe in my abilities and talent. Hence, after graduation I joined a Law Firm, and was stuck in a nine to five job. One day I came across a quote from Walt Disney “if you can dream it, you can do it.” It gave me the push to quit my job and pursue my dreams. I enrolled into a 2-year Musical training course and did musicals locally. After many attempts, I finally got my dream job to work in Hong Kong Disneyland and was given multiple opportunities to be a part of many different shows such as the Festival of the Lion King, Jedi Training Trials of the Temple. I also hosted many events for Disney such as the reveal of the character Cookie Ann, 10K Weekend, and Countdown parties in Disney.

I realized believing and trusting your own abilities is key for happiness, I can fulfil my dreams because I finally believed in myself, so why can’t my students do the same?


Favourite Play: Avenue Q
Dream Role: Matilda from Matilda the Musical
Hobby: Basketball, snowboarding.
Favourite Place: Slopes of Hokkaido

Shanty age 3

Clarissa Evans

Senior Advisor - LAMDA


Never underestimate the importance of first impressions. Attending elocution classes from a very young age gave me the self-confidence to become the person I am today, though at the time I was unaware of how they would help me in later years.

A person should communicate in a way that makes them stand out; they should have the
confidence to display a sense of who they are whenever they present to, or meet with, other people. These are the skills with which they should be equipped to meet the challenges of today’s complex world.

LAMDA provides a framework for the acquisition of these skills.

In 2010, I established Starlit Voice in Hong Kong, offering learners the opportunity to sit LAMDA-accredited examinations. Since then, Starlit Voice has diversified and expanded; it is continually pushing the boundaries of the dramatic arts, while always striving for excellence.

Having watched my pupils excel in their respective careers over the last 30 years, I can truly testify to the benefits of training in speech and the dramatic arts.


Favourite Play:  A Streetcar Named Desire
Dream Role:  Portia, Merchant of Venice
Hobby:  Skiing
Favourite Place:  Anywhere there is snow!

Clarissa age 4

Reggie Yip



I have always believed in the importance of storytelling. It’s what led to my childhood curiosity for the stage, which grew into life as a performer, and eventually, as a creator (writer, director, songwriter etc) of my own work. I’m still trying to put into words just what it is that I love so much about what I do! If I HAD to pinpoint one thing that’s kept me in world of Performing Arts for so long, it’s that the journey of coming together to bring stories of all sorts into existence is never and will never be short of fulfilling. So that’s what I hope to continue doing – discovering, experimenting, and collaborating to tell all kinds of stories that matter to us.


Favourite Play: F***ing A, Susan Lori-Parks or Stop Kiss, Diana Son
Dream Role: Yerma, Federico Garcia Lorca
Hobby: Yoga, Dancing, Listening to Music, Writing & Snacking Away!
Favourite Place: Toss up between the beach and my bed.

Reggie age 3

Terence Makapan



I have always been a creator at heart. I’ve been performing since the age of 6. Even though I studied to be an actor, by the end of my studies I was more interested in writing and creating art, so I thus adopted the label of “theatre maker”. I’ve written and directed several plays, with one of them being published back in my native country of South Africa. I want to instil a love for creativity within my students and help them find their own voices. On a more personal level, I am a total extravert who loves interacting with people in any capacity and yes, this includes competitions as well.


Favourite Play: The Play that Goes Wrong by Henry Lewis, Henry Shields, and Jonathan Sayer.
Dream Role: Sergeant of Police in The Pirates of Penzance by Arthur Sullivan & W.S Gilbert.
Hobby: Hiking and rock-climbing.
Favourite Place: At the top of Table Mountain

Terrance age 3

Jasmine Wong

Administrative & Accounting Officer


Sketch & Design, Turning Ideas to Reality — I Studied Transmedia and mainly focused on graphic design, loooove creating so much that it always keeps me alive.

My curiosity makes me not afraid of making mistakes, learning from the past and daring to try. Being part of the crew is really an eye-opening opportunity for me, it’s like building our own story world together through every production, the passion, persistence and diligence here are infectious!

Growing up is tough sometimes, not everybody can do what they want. I am lucky enough to have this journey with the crew, if you are also craving one, please do remember to bring along your bravery, take it as a return ticket or boarding pass to a moment otherwise gone. The most important thing to me is not to stop questioning, curiosity will always be the meaning of existing.

“To live, to err, to fall, to triumph, to recreate life out of life.” Cheers!


Favourite Play: 1984 by George Orwell
Dream Role: Old Major in Animal Farm
Hobby: Graphic design, listening to music, yoga, muaythai.
Favourite Place: Home sweet home will always be my comfort zone (a must to include my 3 little cats).

Jasmine age 3

Hanco Kamper

Graphic Designer


Born and raised in South Africa, I grew up in a close-knit theatre community. Following my high school graduation, I moved to Europe and completed my studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I have since become an established graphic designer with extensive experience working on various cultural and commercial projects. My unique, multi-layered approach and artistic sensibility allow me to convey compelling narratives through visual storytelling that captivates audiences. I employ a variety of mediums to bring these stories to life and to create engaging experiences in the spaces where projects and the public converge.


Favourite Play: “Trainspotting” by Irvine Welsh
Dream Role: Tyler Durden, Fight Club
Hobby: Traveling, cooking, Starcraft & my cat Bronn
Favourite Place: A grape farm

Hanco age 4

Adam Wesley Buttrill

Speech & Drama Coach


I come from a family of artists, musicians, and teachers. Performance became very prevalent in my life at a young age, whether it was playing the piano at my Grandmother’s recitals, rehearsing my lines religiously for an upcoming production, or just reciting a poem I had written at school assembly. When I moved to Hong Kong at 6 years old, I found a second home performing in youth theatre productions, where drama classes became a safe place for me to express myself in new and exciting ways, make friends, and gain confidence through experimentation. The discipline and the friends I made from those long rehearsal hours have stuck with me through the decades, and most importantly, I grew a passion that led me to choose to study the Theatre Arts at a higher level during my IB diploma and at university. 

My love of teaching started very differently: when I was lucky enough to become an older brother. As a teenager I read every night to my younger sister and learned early on how rewarding it is to be involved in a young person’s development. I took university psychology courses to learn more about child development, started teaching as a behavioral specialist in California public schools with the mentorship of my child psychologist grandmother, and have spent the last 6 years teaching with the values of radical empathy and patience in a safe environment.

When I’m not teaching the Theatre Arts I still pursue my love of performance through music, acting, hosting events, and occasionally reciting Shakespeare for the Hong Kong Philharmonic. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to give back to youth theatre in Hong Kong as it has given me so much.


Favourite Play:  Wicked.
Dream Role: Billy Flynn (Chicago)
Hobby:  Playing the guitar, learning obscure historical facts, making group drawings, writing poetry.
Favourite Place:  A quiet bench in nature!

Adam age 3

Kaycee Li

Marketing Executive


I profoundly studied different theories of visual culture, from the basics of western and eastern art histories to film studies during my university life. I love art, all forms of art, so I tried different art forms: I executed an exhibition, I made short films, I acted in a play. During my exploration of art, I realized there were lots of restrictions in Hong Kong. In school, we were strictly taught how to learn art, create art and present art. However, art should not have limitations. I hope that Hong Kong will no longer be a cultural desert, but an oasis that can accommodate the development of various arts. That’s my reason why I choose to enter the marketing industry. Promote art by following my heart, pursuing my vision. 


Favourite Play: not decided yet
Dream Role: have not selected one yet
Hobby: dancing and singing
Favourite Place: my room

Kaycee age 4

Mon Limbaga

Speech & Drama Coach


I’ve known I was a performer since I was 5 or 6, but I was raised to believe that it was unrealistic to even think about a career in the arts. It wasn’t until late in high school that my drama teacher helped me realise that performing was what I was meant to do. Ever since then, I’ve been teaching, learning and performing in musicals, such as Once on this Island, Jack and the Beanstalk – The Panto and Guys and Dolls. I consider myself extremely lucky to have already found such a wide community of artists who want to hear my story and use my talents to create and educate a whole new community of young performers.


Favourite Play: The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals
Dream Role: I still need to figure that out
Hobby: Singing and Knitting
Favourite Place: Trams

Mon age 2

Studio Starlit

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Terms, Conditions, Release of Liability Agreement, Late Pick-Up Policy, and Behavior Policy With Regards To Starlit Voice Events/Courses/Classes.

I hereby acknowledge that I am over the age of 18, that I am the parent and/or legal guardian of the child (“Child”), or children registered for this event/course/class, and that I have the authority to make agreements on behalf of Child. I further acknowledge that I have voluntarily chosen to enroll Child in or attend an event hosted by, Starlit Voice (The Company) I also give consent to Child’s participation in Company-related activities. I also acknowledge that all of the terms listed in Terms, Conditions, Release of Liability Agreement, Late Pick-Up Policy, and Behavior Policy With Regards To Starlit Voice Events/Courses/Classes.

I hereby acknowledge that I am over the age of 18, that I am the parent and/or legal guardian of the child (“Child”), or children registered for this event/course/class, and that I have the authority to make agreements on behalf of Child. I further acknowledge that I have voluntarily chosen to enroll Child in or attend an event hosted by, Starlit Voice (The Company.) I also give consent to Child’s participation in Company-related activities. I also acknowledge that all of the terms listed in this document apply to me, as well, when I attend an event.

I understand that certain risks are inherent in any recreational/educational activity. While I understand that Starlit Voice will take all reasonable steps to safeguard Child or Child’s property, I knowingly and voluntarily assume all risks of injury or harm that may be due to a classroom activity or the actions of fellow students. I also understand and agree that it is my and Child’s responsibility to safeguard his or her personal belongings, and I knowingly and voluntarily assume all risk that personal belongings brought to the event/course/class may be lost, misplaced, damaged, or stolen. I hereby waive and release Starlit Voice and its owners, agents, partners, representatives, employees, contractors, staff, and other students from any liability, including but not limited to claims based on negligence or some other act or omission, for any injury, illness, or harm to Child or damage of any personal property, including but not limited to musical instruments, incurred while attending Starlit Voice-related activities.

For everyone’s safety, children must follow all staff instructions. I understand that if a Child’s actions or attitude are deemed detrimental to other participants, staff, or the general atmosphere, he or she may be sent home without any reimbursement for any payment to Starlit Voice. I agree to accept full responsibility, financially or otherwise, for the conduct of the Child — including paying restitution for damage to equipment, property, and facilities, including the personal property of other participants and the Company. Starlit Voice is not required or expected to protect event/course/class participants from theft or damage to personal property.

Submission of an enrolment form and class fee is mandatory prior to the commencement of any class. Payments can be made at the time of registration or by bank transfer or FPS.

Please note fees must be paid in full by the 2nd Class of the term or the fee may be subject to a 10%
surcharge at the discretion of the Company.

  • FPS (Starlit Voice Limited – 103461166), please send a photo or screen capture of the transaction slip to info@starlitvoice.com or WhatsApp at +852 60844111. Please specify the student name, course name and school (where applicable).
  • Deposit/Bank transfer (Hang Seng Bank – A/C (024)-369-208251-001) please send a photo or screen capture of the deposit slip or receipt to jasmine.wong@starlitvoice.com or WhatsApp to +852 60844111. Please specify the student name, course name and school (where applicable).

*In the event of sickness, refunds will only be possible with a doctor’s note. Prior notice of cancellation will only be permitted for one class per term


Centre Classes Only
In the event of sickness, refunds will only be possible with a doctor’s note. Prior notice of cancellation will only be permitted once per term. Please make note of all class dates, no refunds or make-up sessions will be given for any missed classes. Please refer to the ‘UTC Term Schedule list online.

Extra-Curricular Activities-School Venues
Please make note of all class dates, no refunds or make-ups will be given for any missed classes. Please refer to the ‘ECA Program Term Dates’ list online.

Starlit Voice requires one month’s notice prior to withdrawal from our classes. There is strictly NO refund or credit of any class fee or charges paid.
Starlit Voice reserves the right to vary programs and to reschedule or cancel an event if it is undersubscribed or for any other reason. Starlit Voice aims to give participants at least 1 week’s notice if an event is rescheduled or cancelled, and give a full refund for cancelled events.

In the event of sudden cancellation of classes caused by announcements from the EDB, the Hong Kong Observatory, one of our partner schools, or for any reason out of the control of Starlit Voice, no refunds or makeup classes will be offered except at the discretion of Starlit Voice Ltd.


  • Classes will be held as scheduled when:
    • Typhoon Signal No. 3 or below/ Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning is in force.
    • Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above/Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered before 7:00 am (all day classes).
    • Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above/Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered at or before 12:00 noon (afternoon classes).*

*In the event that the school has been closed for the day as stated on the school’s website, scheduled ECA classes will also be cancelled.

  • Classes will be dismissed immediately or cancelled when:
    • The Observatory hoists Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above.
    • A Black Rainstorm Warning is in force.
    • Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted within 2 hours before the scheduled class time.

There will be no makeup class in the event ECAs have been cancelled due to weather conditions.

We reserve the right to refuse attendance of any student who is ill or showing symptoms of illness. Staff may check the student’s temperature as deemed necessary.
It is the parent’s responsibility to keep the students’ health information and emergency contact details accurate and up-to-date. Any special medical conditions or allergies must be disclosed to Starlit Voice.

I understand and agree that I am responsible for determining the Child’s medical, physical or other qualifications and suitability for participating in the event/course/class and its activities. I agree to disclose to Starlit Voice and its staff any pertinent medical, physical, or other conditions and special needs that may affect Child’s participation in these activities. I understand measures will be taken to safeguard the health and safety of all participants; however, in the event of need, I hereby grant Starlit Voice or its authorized representatives’ permission to arrange for such medical care that Child may require. This includes minor medical care by Starlit Voice staff members. In the event of serious injury or illness, Starlit Voice will follow the protocol set out by the center/school where the event/course/class is taking place. In the event that no such protocol exists, Starlit Voice will call the emergency services. Starlit Voice will also use all reasonable efforts to contact the parent, guardian and/or people listed as emergency contacts. I am aware that Starlit Voice assumes no liability for the costs or provision of medical care in the event that care is needed during or after this program.

Students should wear appropriate, comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement during the class.

Starlit Voice staff works hard to ensure that everyone has a safe, educational, and fun time while participating in our programs. Behaviors which disrupt staff from effectively supervising, instructing, or interacting with participants will not be tolerated. Such behaviors may include, but are not limited to:

  • Refusing to follow staff instructions, behavior guidelines, or program rules
  • Refusing to participate in activities or cooperate with staff
  • Using profanity, vulgarity, ethnic slurs, or obscenity
  • Leaving a program without permission
  • Excluding other participants
  • Teasing, making fun, or bullying other participants or staff
  • Stealing or damaging property
  • Using equipment and materials inappropriately and/or without permission
  • Endangering the health and safety of children and/or staff
  • Threatening other participants or staff
  • Pushing, shoving, hitting, kicking, and/or biting other participants or staff
  • Using of illicit drugs, alcohol, or tobacco or sexual conduct of any kind

The following actions will be taken if the above-mentioned behaviors are observed:

Step 1:
Staff will issue a verbal warning and redirect the participant to a more appropriate behavior.
Step 2:
Staff will remove the participant from the group to discuss the behavior.
Step 3:
Staff will remove the participant from the group for a time-out and notify the parent of the behavior. Notification will vary, depending on staffing, and might be done by phone, email, or in person.
Step 4:
Staff will call the participant’s parent or emergency contact to have the participant picked up immediately.

The above steps are generally taken, in the order listed, over the course of a single session of the program. In cases of particularly malicious and/or problematic behavior, a step, or steps, might be skipped. If a participant gets to Step 4, he or she may return to the program for the next session only after discussion with the Director but will be at Step 3 upon return. Participants who get to Step 3 or 4 more than once may be dismissed from the program and might be barred from registering for future programs.
No refunds will be issued in the case of dismissal from a program based on inappropriate behavior. Important: While we might like to have eyes on the backs of our heads, we really don’t. Children retaliating against another participant is also considered disruptive behavior, so please encourage your children to speak up, and tell an instructor, if they are having problems.

For safety reasons, unless previously arranged with the staff, please do not leave your child unattended at our partner schools before or after class without adult supervision. Starlit Voice will not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any injury or loss of property/ damage of personal property in the partner schools.
During out-of-school rehearsals, performances and classes children must be left in the care of a current Starlit Voice Company Member. A list of our current staff can be found on our website under the ‘About Us’ tab. Professional Actors and other outside practitioners employed specifically for the purposes of production or guest lecturing are not deemed ‘Starlit Voice Company Members’ and will not be liable to take responsibility for a child’s welfare. Starlit Voice cannot be held responsible for any incident occurring from negligence, where a child has been not left by a parent or guardian under the supervision of a Starlit Voice Company Member.

Starlit Voice reserves the right to use photographs and/or recordings of students taken during classes or activities for the use of educational, training or promotional purposes. Any objection to such use must be made in writing to Starlit Voice.

Some Starlit Voice sessions may be videotaped or photographed. I grant permission for the use of Child’s image, voice, and work created at the event/course/class, which may be captured through video, photo, digital camera or other media, for Starlit Voice and/or event/course/class training, promotional materials and publications, and other commercial purposes. Any objection to such use must be made in writing to Starlit Voice.
By enrolling your children in Starlit Voice Classes you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions

In the event of a dispute, the decision of Starlit Voice will be final and conclusive.



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Studio Starlit
Child Protection
& Safeguarding

Code of Conduct

  1. Starlit Voice Limited is committed to the safety and protection of pupils. This Code of Conduct applies to all members of staff, external contractors, volunteers and guests of Starlit Voice Limited and those who interact with pupils in both a direct and/or unsupervised capacity.
  1. This Code of Conduct applies to both the public and private conduct of those acting on behalf of Starlit Voice Limited. We must, at all times, be aware of the responsibilities that accompany our work in both professional and private life.
  1. We should be aware of our own and other persons’ vulnerability, especially when working alone with pupils, and be particularly aware that we are responsible for maintaining physical, emotional, and sexual boundaries in such interactions. We must avoid any covert or overt sexual behaviours with those for whom we have responsibility. This includes speech or gestures as well as physical contact that exploits, abuses, or harasses.
  1. We must show prudent discretion before touching a pupil, and be aware of how physical touch may be perceived or received, and whether it would be appropriate.
  1. Starlit Voice Limited staff and volunteers are prohibited at all times from physically disciplining a child.
  1. Physical contact with pupils can be misconstrued both by the recipient and by those who observe it, and should occur only when completely non-sexual and otherwise appropriate.
  1. One-on-one meetings with a pupil are best held in a public area; in a room where the interaction can be (or is being) observed; or in a room with the door left open or which has glass walls, and another staff member is notified about the meeting.
  1. We must always intervene when there is evidence of, or there is reasonable cause to suspect, that pupils are being abused in any way. Suspected abuse or neglect must be reported to the appropriate Starlit Voice Limited staff member, as described in the Starlit Voice Limited. Child Protection and Safeguarding Code of Conduct.
  1. No employees or visitors may inappropriately consume, use or be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs when supervising or otherwise working with pupils. Starlit Voice Limited venues are no-smoking zones and no form of tobacco or e-cigarettes should be used either off site, when supervising or otherwise working with pupils, or on site at any time.
  1. Adults should never give pupils any drugs, (e-)cigarettes, images or reading material that is inappropriate.
  1. If a staff member recognises that a pupil may be infatuated by them, the Centre Director must be informed immediately.


In signing this declaration, I acknowledge that I have read, or been made aware of, the Starlit Voice Ltd. Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, and agree that in the course of my association with Starlit Voice Ltd, I must never:

  • hit, physically assault, or physically or psychologically abuse any child;
  • act in ways towards any child that may have a negative effect on their development, including their social and relational development;
  • act in ways that set a negative example for any children present;
  • engage in sexual activity or have sexual relations with any current pupil of Starlit Voice Limited (of any age) or any former Starlit Voice Limited. pupil under 21 years of age, irrespective of the definition of the age of majority or the way in which consent is legally recognised in the different countries. (Believing that a child is older than s/he, in fact, is cannot be considered an acceptable defence);
  • have any relations with a child that could be considered exploitation, maltreatment or abuse;
  • act in ways that may be abusive or put a child at risk of exploitation, maltreatment or abuse;
  • use language (online /face to face), make suggestions or offer advice that is inappropriate, offensive or abusive;
  • behave in a manner that is inappropriate or sexually provocative (online, face to face, or any other medium);
  • establish or engage in continuous contacts with Starlit Voice Limited. students using online personal communication (e-mail, chats, social networks etc.) – only professional online tools and environments the organisation knows about may be used;
  • do things for children of a personal nature that they can do themselves;
  • give money, goods or other benefits to a child without the Centre Director being aware of this;
  • offer transport in my car to a pupil without express parental/management permission unless in the case of emergency;
  • condone or participate in behaviour by children that is illegal, abusive or endangers their safety;
  • act in ways intended to shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade children, or otherwise perpetrate any form of emotional abuse;
  • discriminate against, show differential treatment towards or favour particular children to the exclusion of others.

This list is not exhaustive or exclusive. The basic principle is that you must avoid behaviours that may be inappropriate or potentially abusive towards children.

It is also important that all staff and associates of Starlit Voice Limited, in any contact with children:

  • are quick to identify situations that may place a child at risk and know how to deal with such situations;
  • must report any concerns, suspicions or certainties about possible abuse or maltreatment of a child in accordance with the general regulations and this Code of Conduct;
  • organise work and the workplace in such a way as to minimise any risks;
  • always be as visible as possible to other adults when working with children;
  • ensure that members of staff develop a sense of responsibility with regard to the way they operate so that any actions or forms of behaviour that are inappropriate or may lead to abuse of children do not go unnoticed or are tolerated;
  • maintain the highest personal and professional discipline and integrity;
  • respect children’s rights and treat children in a fair and honest way with dignity and respect.




© – Studio Starlit 2022

Studio Starlit
Privacy Policy

(A) Statement of policy

Privacy policy statement

Starlit Voice Ltd. respects personal data and is committed to complying with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486). You may be invited to provide personal data to Starlit Voice Ltd. on a voluntary basis. Personal data are kept for the fulfillment of the purpose or its directly related purpose for which the data are used.

(B) Statement of practice

Kinds of Personal Data Held & Main Purposes of keeping Personal Data

There are five general categories of personal data held by Starlit Voice:

    1. Student Information
      Student information, which includes information supplied by students and parents, is collected in connection with student application for admission, for registration, academic, administrative, research, statistical and marketing purposes for Starlit Voice Ltd. Student records are kept for purposes that include corresponding with, responding to and taking follow-up actions in respect of students, contacts and communications activities. The data will be solely handled by Starlit Voice Ltd. staff but may be disseminated to an authorized third party providing services to Starlit Voice Ltd, in relation to the above purposes, other purposes as allowed by Starlit Voice Ltd. or as required by the law from time to time. These third parties include organizations such as local and overseas educational institutions, examination authorities and government departments.
    2. Personnel Information
      Personnel information, which includes personal particulars, job descriptions, details of compensation and benefits, performance appraisals, references and disciplinary matters relating to job applicants, employees and former employees of Starlit Voice Ltd. Personnel records of employees are kept for human resource management purposes, relating to matters such as employees’ terms of employment, performance appraisal, providing references, professional development, discipline and termination.
    3. Other Records
      Other records, which include administration and other files, contain personal data provided to Starlit Voice Ltd. by individuals for purposes other than those connected with students, contacts, communications or employment. Other records are kept to enable Starlit Voice Ltd. to carry out various functions and activities which vary according to the nature of the purpose for which such records are to be used, including the administration of Starlit Voice Ltd. functions and activities, seeking advice on operational matters, undertaking communications and training activities organized by, or on behalf of, Starlit Voice Ltd, including the acquisition of services and handling of enquiries from members of the public.
    4. Visual Materials
      Starlit Voice Ltd. may take photos and videos of students within the classroom and at school related events. Starlit Voice Ltd. will use the visual material(s) – including any images, video, text, photographs, graphics or audio to enable Starlit Voice Ltd staff and members of the public to have a better understanding of how students are learning, and for the purpose of promoting Starlit Voice Ltd. activities. This may include placing visual material(s) in Starlit Voice Ltd publications, on our website and in our promotional materials. In addition, Starlit Voice Ltd. may also place visual material(s) on third party websites such as Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube which allow for other third parties to display or embed visual material(s) from these websites on any other website.
    5. Records collected on webservers
      Records collected on webservers, which include email addresses (whereas they constitute personal data under specific circumstances that the addresses can be used to identify an individual) collected for newsletter subscription. Records collected on webservers are kept for the purpose of sending newsletters to subscribers registered through the websites.


Protection measures
Starlit Voice Ltd. takes appropriate steps to protect the personal data we hold against loss, unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure.

Disclosure of personal data
Unless permitted or required by law, Starlit Voice Ltd. will not disclose any personal data to any third parties without prior written consent.

Right of access and correction

Under the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, individuals have the right to request access to and correction of their personal data. Should you wish to access or correct your personal information held by us, please send your enquiry or request to Starlit Voice Ltd. by post, by email or by fax.

Data protection issues/enquiries

Issues/enquiries should be addressed to Starlit Voice Ltd. as follows:

By Mail

1003 Knutsford Commercial Building, Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Hong Kong

By Email

Please send to info@starlit.hk

By Fax

Please send to +852 2895 2187




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