Viktoriia (Tori) was born in Ukraine and has had a passion for dance, music and performance since her childhood. She is a multicultural artist and fluent in 4 languages.

Tori nailed her education at the State Academy of Culture, where she got her Master’s degree with Honors in Ballet-Master, Teacher, Choreographer and Artist.

Tori proved her artistic talents as a winner of Art Festivals and International Dance Competitions.

Tori moved to Thailand in 2009 and obtained her reputation as a Teacher of Russian Ballet. She has been a choreographer for many international dance shows, as well as for some TV musical productions and Bollywood Films.

Tori has also trained, and been certified as a teacher of Arabic Belly Dance and Yoga with different styles.

Currently, Tori also operates VicTory studio as a talent manager with over 300 performers in her personal list of performers.

- Noel Coward

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