Drama and Performing Arts Practitioners

Starlit Voice Ltd and Hong Kong Theatre Company are looking for exceptional people to join their team of full-time practitioners.

We specialize in drama and performing arts education, professional vocational training and in creating exciting and innovative theatre productions. We are looking for professionals who can join our highly creative team and contribute to our mission of powering performing arts forward in Hong Kong.

This is a fantastic time to join the team as the company expands its projects and productions both locally and internationally and there are lots of additional opportunities available to the right candidates. If you are an industry professional with experience teaching drama and performing arts to a wide range of age groups and if you have specialist performance experience then please contact The Artistic and Senior Company Director.

Duties will include teaching at various venues across Hong Kong as well as performing in professional theatre productions. The ideal candidate will have experience in professional performance. Actors who can sing or have experience in music are preferred. The candidate must be fluent in written and spoken English. Cantonese, Mandarin and other languages would be a bonus.

Candidates invited for an interview will also be expected to prepare an audition.

Various contract options are available:

3 Month

6 Month

12 Month

3 and 6 month contracts are only available to permanent residents of Hong Kong or those who with the appropriate Visa. Visa’s can only be arranged for candidates who apply for 12 month contracts. All contracts are full-time employment. All contracts will have the option to extend the length of employment dependent upon agreements reached by the successful candidate and the Artistic and Senior Company Director. A relevant qualification in drama, theatre, music, performance or teaching is preferred. The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of hands on industry experience. Salaries are dependent on experience and qualification.

All interested parties are invited to send professional and performance CV’s to:




For further information, please feel free to contact us at 2108 2180 or info@starlit.hk

A brilliant opportunity!

Starlit Voice Ltd is looking for highly motivated and passionate young individuals who would like to broaden their horizons through drama, theatre and performance education.

Successful applicants will be introduced into the world of theatre education through our unique three-month training programme which will culminate in an internationally recognized theatre and performance qualification. During this training period, the successful applicant will work closely with our team of skilled and experienced practitioners in local and international schools to deliver high quality drama and theatre training programmes and assist with the creation, facilitation and administration of theatre and performance workshops and classes. After the training period, the successful applicant will undertake a full time position with Starlit Voice as part of an exciting team of highly driven individuals from all over the world.

Starlit Voice Ltd is a growing theatre and arts company that provides education and entertainment solutions to local and international clientele. Those working for us will be immersed in the world of theatre, both in performance and education. We are consistently working on new and innovative projects that encompass a wide range of disciplines and as such are always in search of individuals from all walks of life who have a passion for education and performance.

Duties within the first three months (Training Period) will include but are not limited to:

  • Assist in teaching drama, speech and performance classes
  • Assist in the creation of class materials
  • Relevant administration and office duties
  • Preparation towards final examination for personal qualification

Duties after the first three months (Training Period) will include but are not limited to:

  • Creation of new and innovative theatre workshops and education programmes
  • Liaising with present and potential clients
  • Facilitating classes and workshops
  • All relevant administration

As Starlit Voice is, predominantly, a theatre education company, all members of the team have the opportunity to take part in potential professional theatre productions in some capacity, whether it be on stage or behind the scenes.


  • No experience required, but would be a bonus
  • New/under graduates are welcome. In fact, we encourage you to apply!
  • Must be fluent in written and spoken English. Extra languages are always a bonus.
  • Hong Kong citizens and permanent residents are preferred
  • Must have enthusiasm, an interest in teaching and a passion for the arts

Interested parties should feel free to contact our Senior and Artistic Director, Vincent Warren at vincent.warren@starlit.hk or the Executive Coordinator, Jan Brink at jan.brink@starlit.hk


Translator (English to Chinese) – Native Chinese speaker who can read and write Chinese English with solid experiences in translating web documents from English to Chinese.


  • Diploma holder or above in Translation, English, Linguistics or other related disciplines
  • Proficient in both written English and Chinese is a must
  • Proficient in MS Office and Chinese word processing
  • At least 1-year writing/translation experiences preferred
All interested parties are invited to send professional Portfolios/CV’s to:




For further information, please feel free to contact us at 2108 2180 or info@starlit.hk


Web Designer

We are in need of an experienced and motivated individual who can help us to grow our online presence.


At least 2 years experience with WordPress or similar platform.

  1. Experienced in responsive web interactive UI/UX design.
  2. Front end development and maintenance
  3. Experience in maintenance and optimisation of e-commerce site.
  4. Familiarity with various WordPress plugins including Elementor, PayPal and Mailchimp.
  5. Experience in SEO, Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics preferred.
  6. Fluent in English and Chinese.
All interested parties are invited to send professional Portfolios/CV’s to:




For further information, please feel free to contact us at 2108 2180 or info@starlit.hk

- Aristotle

Work Place Experience

We invite all secondary school students looking for work place experience to contact us. We would love to have you onboard. Especially Steve. Steve lives in the attic. Steve also has many legs and twice as many teeth. We haven’t fed Steve in a while. Seriously though, if you are interested in the world of performing arts and have a hankering to see what’s what behind the scenes, let us know! info@starlit.hk


Two heads, as they say, are totally better than one. This is something we as a team mostly agree on… except Jan. As such, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate in any and all forms. So share your ideas with us and lets make it happen! We have a long list of collaborative projects and partnerships, in Hong Kong and abroad, and we really enjoy watching that list grow. We would love to hear from you, because working together is truly the best way to power performing arts in Hong Kong. 

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