We Want You!

We are looking for exceptional drama and performing arts practitioners to join our team in Hong Kong from August 2018. This is the perfect opportunity for individuals passionate about the development of performing arts education, training and production. We are particularly interested in hearing from applicants with additional skills and teaching experience in the following areas:


Stage Management/Technical Arts

Musical Theatre


LAMDA examinations

This is a full time position.

If you would like to be part of an incredibly creative team and a truly exciting working environment then please contact the Artistic Director at Starlit Voice for more information. Send your CV to info@starlit.hk.

Work Experience

We invite all secondary school students looking for work place experience to contact us. We would love to have you onboard. Especially Steve. Steve lives in the attic. Steve also has many legs and twice as many teeth. We haven’t fed Steve in a while. Seriously though, if you are interested in the world of performing arts and have a hankering to see what’s what behind the scenes, let us know! info@starlit.hk

We love collaboration.

Two heads, as they say, are totally better than one. This is something we as a team mostly agree on… except Jan. As such, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate in any and all forms. So share your ideas with us and lets make it happen! We have a long list of collaborative projects and partnerships, in Hong Kong and abroad, and we really enjoy watching that list grow. We would love to hear from you, because working together is truly the best way to power performing arts in Hong Kong. 


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