Timeless, Sc 7-8

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Here are the next couple of scenes from Timeless. If you haven’t read the previous scenes you can find them here, here and here.

Chapter 2: Time travelling



***The Future***

(The future. Everything sucks. Even the apocalypse avoids this place. There’s a loud noise, some flashing lights and the gang appear on stage in various forms of distress. They brush themselves off, help each other up, etc.)

Max: Is everyone alright?

Drake: I think I broke my spleen.

Vera: Where’s Myra?

Myra: Here.

Max: Does anyone else feel like they just put their face into a blender?

Vera: (To Myra) Who slaps a time machine?! Honestly.

Max: Herbert? Are you alright?

Herbert: (To herself) It worked. (To Max, suddenly very excited) It worked! (Gives him a big hug.)

Max: Yes, ok, but –

Drake: Where are we?

Vera: And then another thing –

Drake: When are we?

Max: These are all very good questions. But I think the most pressing thing here is to figure out who they are.

(He points off stage. Everyone looks in that direction. As he does so, a group of very shabby looking people come onto the stage. Some are wearing traffic cones for hats, others have holes in their coats so large, they may as well not be wearing a coat. That sort of thing. They all chant something relatively vague. They are led by a toothless lady, Lucinda the Hag, holding a big ratty boot. Behind Lucinda is a teenage boy, Lazarus. The crowd reacts along with the four tramps.)

Herbert: Hide! Quick!

(The gang scatters to find a hiding spot. The inane chanting comes to a climax as the group of tramps reaches centre stage.)

Tramps: …Chanting) What is it? What is it? What is it? –

Lucinda: (Turning to the congregation, lifts her arms and the crowd goes silent) Bless you, friends. Bless you. Settle down, now. Settle down. (Waits for silence) I had a dream! (Jubilation from the crowd) I had a dream that The Question will come to us soon! (More jubilation) We all know the Answer, but The Question is coming, and we must prepare!

Tramp 1: (Shouting) What is the question, oh wise one?

Lucinda: I don’t know! I just know it’s coming.

Tramp 2: But you said you saw it in a dream!

Lucinda: No, I said I saw it coming.

Tramp 1: But if you saw it coming, didn’t you see what it was?

Lucinda: I just saw that it was coming. The Question was hidden from me.

Tramp 2: How was it hidden then?

Lucinda: It was emitting a light so bright that I could not see –

Tramp 1: No, wait a minute. How do you know it’s the Question then?

Lucinda: What do you mean? I know, because I know!

Tramp 2: Yeah, but how can you be sure? If you only saw this light coming at you, that could be anything!

Tramp 1: Yeah! Maybe you were dreaming of a flashlight!

Tramp 2: In fact, how does a question emit light, anyway?

Tramp 1: Is the light the Question?

Lucinda: Look, I saw a light, alright? And behind the light, there was the Question.

Tramp 2: How do you know?

Lucinda: It told me.

Tramp 1: It told you?

Lucinda: Yes.

Tramp 2: It spoke to you?

Lucinda: Yes!

Tramp 1: What did it say?

Lucinda: It said, I am the Question!

Tramp 1 and 2: (Along with the rest of the crowd) oooooh.

Lucinda: Understand? Good! Now, we must prepare ourselves for the arrival of –

Tramp 3: Actually, I just thought of it –

Lucinda: What did I tell you about thinking?

Tramp 3: Yeah, but if the Question spoke to you, does that mean the Question is a person? (The crowd agrees.)

Tramp 1: What does he look like?

Tramp 4: What makes you think the Question is a he?

Tramp 2: She’s got a point, men don’t ask a whole lot of questions.

Lucinda: The Question isn’t a person!

Tramp 4: Then how did it tell you it was the Question?

Lucinda: I just sort of felt it, ok? Can we please get back to the sermon?

Tramp 2: Did it touch you? How?

Tramp 3: Why didn’t it just tell you what the Question was?

Tramp 1: Yeah! Why would he just announce himself –

Tramp 4: Herself!

Tramp 1: and not tell you what the Question is?

Lucinda: Stop! Stop, stop, stop! The Question is coming! And when it does, you’ll all be sorry for questioning it! Lazarus!

Lazarus: Yes, mother?

Lucinda: Pass the boot around. This sermon is over!

Lazarus: Yes, mother. What is it?

Lucinda: What is it, son?

(Lazarus takes the boot from Lucinda, fills it with some dirt and goes around the crowd, who then take the boot one by one and say “What is it?” followed by sniffing the boot deeply. The crowd move to the back, and our attention is brought back to the gang.)

Max: (Whispering) We need to get out of here.

Drake: Agreed.

Herbert: Maybe they can help?

Max: You’re messing with me. Right? She’s messing with me. You’re messing with me.

Herbert: Obviously these people are from around here. Maybe they can tell us where we are.

Drake: Or they could eat you.

Vera: Drake! That’s gross!

Drake: I’m just saying, they look like they haven’t had a warm meal in years and I’m sure Herbert over there would go wonderfully with an applesauce.

Max: Are you sure about this?

Herbert: Sure as I’ll ever be. It’s not like we have any options.

Vera: We have loads of options.

Drake: One of them being a swift exit.

Herbert: They might know where Georgie is.

Vera: (Sigh) Fine.

(The rest nod. Herbert takes a deep breath and stands up from behind their hiding spot.)

Herbert: (clears her throat.) Er… Hello?

(The tramps suddenly go silent and turn on Herbert. They gasp and point.)

Tramp 1: Who’s that?

Tramp 2: Who are you?

Tramp 3: Are you the Question?

Tramp 4: Why aren’t you shining?

Lucinda: Silence! You, child! Who are you? What are you doing here?

Herbert: Er… Hi, I’m looking for my sister and I was wondering… (Lucinda starts circling Herbert, looking her up and down and taking the odd sniff here and there.) …whether you’ve seen her? She’s about this tall, has hair like mine… and… would you mind not sniffing me?

Lucinda: I’m sorry, child, it’s just that you look very… appetising… My name is Lucinda the Hag. I’m in charge of this group.

Tramp 1: Hang on, no you’re not! (Lucinda takes off her shoe and throws it at him.) Ow! Yes, you are!

Lucinda: You aren’t from here, are you, child?

Herbert: No. At least, I don’t think so…

Lucinda: (Smiles kindly. Then after a moment.) Grab her.

(The tramps round on Herbert, pin her arms to her back and hold her in place.)

Herbert: What are you doing?!

Lucinda: Tell me, child, what brought you here?

Herbert: I told you, I’m looking for my sister.

Lucinda: No. I mean literally. What brought you here? How did you get here?

Herbert: That’s a very long story –

Lucinda: (Looks around) Are you alone?

Herbert: (Hesitates) Yes. I came here by myself. Look, I only came here to find my sister. To be honest, I don’t even know where “here” is, so if you could just point me in the right direction, I’ll be out of your hair in no time.

Lucinda: (Walks toward the rest of the gang in their hiding spot. Stops. Beckons to some tramps and points. The tramps slowly move to where the others are hiding.) I’m not sure how you got here. No one just gets here, child, not anymore. Not since the monsters came.

(The other tramps jump on the group of kids and grab them.)

Tramp 1: There’s more over here!

Tramp 2: Ah! Tasty morsels!

(The gang struggle against the tramps, but inevitably fail and are all forced to the ground in front of Lucinda)

Lucinda: (with a smile) No more lies, child. How did you get here?

Herbert: A machine brought us here.

Lucinda: What kind of machine?

Herbert: A clock.

Lucinda: What did you say?

Herbert: A clock?

Lucinda: I heard you the first time. Could it be…? No. Fairy tales! Fairy tales! Told to give us hope! But hope is no match for the beast of shadows!

Vera: Beast of shadows?

Lucinda: (Notices Vera for the first time) You! I know your face…

Vera: Uh… I just have one of those faces, I guess.

Lucinda: No! Nightmare children! That’s what you are! Straight from the depths of despair. The king sent you, didn’t he? To taunt. To poke fun at loony Lucinda, the Hag?

Drake: Loony sounds about right.

Herbert: I don’t know who you are. None of us do. We don’t know this king of yours either. We’re just looking for my sister.

Lucinda: Lost a sister, have you? You won’t be getting her back.

Herbert: What do you mean?

Lucinda: If she’s here, she’s a slave or she’s dead, by royal decree of the King of Newton. No one slips away from the law. Not since the Balloon Wars.

Myra: The King of Newton? We never left Newton. This is what’s left of our home…

Max: The… what wars?

Tramp 1: The Balloon Wars!

Tramp 2: The war to end all wars!

Tramp 3: Between the traitorous rebels –

Tramp 4: And the Glorious King of Newton!

Tramp 1: We have to say glorious, or it’s extra whippings.

Tramp 2: If you haven’t heard of it, then you can’t be from around here.

Lucinda: The Balloon Wars. The last attempt to topple the tyrannical king from the throne. We were brave… us rebels… fought tooth and nail. But we failed.

Lazarus: Except for –

Lucinda: Shut up. It’s just a fairy tale.

Lazarus: But what if it’s true? You always told me that story –

Lucinda: Not this again. Lazarus, how many times do I have to tell you that when you believe in fairy tales for long enough, you go crazy, just like mommy, mmm? Would you like that? These are not days fit for childishness. Either grow up or be eaten. Now, be a good boy and bring mommy the tissues and the earwax. (Threateningly) These children have their own tales to tell. Go!

Lazarus: Yes, mother. (Exit)

Lucinda: You’re going to tell me how you got here, in detail, and you’re going to do it now.

Herbert: I told you, we used a clock.

Lucinda: Lies! Lies, lies, lies, lies! I must know! I must know how you did it. I must get away from this place. Escape, escape! I must! I must leave all this behind. Never come back! And you’re going to show me how!

Herbert: I don’t know what else to tell you –

Lucinda: Fine. Maybe one of your friends will be a little more forthcoming. I will count to three. If you want this liar to live, you’ll tell me how you got here. One!

Myra: She’s telling the truth!

Lucinda: Two!

Vera: Please!

Lucinda: Three! (Silence) Pity. Feed them to the beast!

Max: What? What beast?

Lucinda: The shadow beast. The King’s enforcer. The one that keeps us all in line, while the king is away. Your machine won’t be far. We’ll find it. And at least if the beast eats you, it won’t be hungry enough to feed on us. Tie them up!

(The tramps tie the group to some stakes in the ground.)

Vera: You can’t do this! Please!

Lucinda: Please? Please?! I can’t eat “please.” “Please” doesn’t quench my thirst. Look around you. The earth is scorched and barren because we took everything from it. Every last morsel to feed our fat faces with. Every man, woman and child for themselves!

Vera: Where’s your humanity?

Lucinda: Humanity? (She takes a stale piece of bread out from her coat. All the tramps immediately stand at attention, looking at it. She throws it on the ground and the tramps fight rather ruthlessly over it to various shouts of “mine.”) There’s your humanity. We just took and took and took. And then the king came. And you know what he took? He took us. Because there was nothing left to take. So he took us. Until the green trees were bare and the blue skies were grey. Now no one says please.

Herbert: Did you say green trees?

Lucinda: And blue skies, if you can believe it. Doesn’t look like much now though, does it? But there was a time, long ago, when the sky was blue. But we were greedy. We kept asking for more blue. More green. Until the king crept in under the shadow of night and took our Georgina away from us!

Herbert: Georgina?

Tramp 1: Georgina, the Magnificent!

Tramp 2: The Amazing!

Tramp 3: The Great!

Tramp 4: The Wonderful!

Herbert: Georgina? What happened to her?

Lucinda: The king wanted what was hers and what wasn’t his. So he killed her and took it all for himself. The machine that produced Blue Gas! Blue Gas that made everything better!

Herbert: Georgina’s… dead?

Lucinda: A long time ago. Those days are gone. And so are yours. So unless you want to tell me how you got here, we have nothing further to discuss…

Max: We told you –

Lazarus: (Running in) Mother! Come quick! I think I found their machine!

Lucinda: What?! Which way?

Lazarus: Just over the hill, that way. (Lucinda and the rest of the tramps run off in that direction.) Let’s get you out of these chains before they come back. (He gets to work loosening their bindings.)

Max: Why are you helping us?

Lazarus: Because I believe in fairy tales. If you really have a clock machine thing that’ll get you out of here, now’s the time to use it.

Herbert: We can’t leave yet. I have to find out what happened to Georgie.

Drake: You heard Loony Lucinda, the so-called king killed her.

Herbert: That can’t be…

Drake: Herbert, we have to go –

Herbert: No.

Lazarus: If you’re not going to use your clock, we should at least run. They won’t be gone for long. And if it isn’t them, it’ll be the shadow beast. Either way, it won’t end well.

Herbert: Lazarus… that’s your name, right? What is this fairy tale you keep talking about?

Lazarus: Long ago, just before the end of the Balloon Wars, the leader of the rebellion was sent away on a desperate last-ditch effort to save us. We don’t know where she went, but we hold on to the idea that she’ll come back one day to get rid of the king and bring back the greens and the blues. And she’ll bring waffles freshly plucked from the wings of the great waffle bird and everyone will be able to eat.

Herbert: And Georgina –

Lazarus: She created the Blue Gas machine. But the king killed her and took it for himself.

Herbert: So she really is –

Lazarus: Dead, yes.

Myra: I’d hate to agree with Drake, but this would be a good time to go.

Max: Lazarus, if they find out you helped us –

Lazarus: They won’t. Because I’m coming with you.

Vera: You what now?

Max: Why? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can see why. But why?

Lazarus: So that I can find and bring the rebel leader back.

Myra: What if it is just a fairy tale?

Lazarus: Then I’ll become the rebel leader, come back and kick the king out of his castle!

(There is a silence on stage except for the approaching footsteps of something massive.)

Drake: What’s that?

Lazarus: Ah. Shadow beast.

Drake: Where’s the clock?

Myra: Here. (She takes it out and turns the dial carefully and slowly)

Max: Not too far back!

Vera: Does it matter?! (She grabs the clock and turns the knob frantically.)

Max: Herbert! Herbert, are you coming?

Herbert: Georgina’s gone.

Drake: Come on! No one has time for that sop story.

Max: (To Vera) Now please!

Vera: I’m pushing the button, but nothing’s happening!

Max: (After a moment) I’m not gonna lie, guys. This sucks.

Herbert: I was too late.

Vera: It’s getting closer.

Max: Drake?

Drake: Yes?

Max: I just want you to know, before we… I’ve always hated your taste in music.

Drake: I can’t believe I let you guys talk me into this, just to find out that Georgie’s dead.

Max: What’s that supposed to mean?

Drake: Gee, I don’t know Max. That this was all for nothing?

Max: It’s wasn’t for nothing. It was for Herbert.

Drake: Yeah. For Herbert. At least we’ll never have to sit in history class again, right?

(Common consensus from the whole group. A heavy footfall as we see shadows creeping toward the group.)

Vera: I don’t know how. This. Thing. Works!

(Myra grabs the clock out of Vera’s hands and gives it a slap just as a large clawed paw is seen.)


***The Beginning***

(As the clock springs into action, everything around the gang is frozen. The gang stay in one place as all at once everything changes. We see time move backwards in a fast motion. Days and nights pass, buildings suddenly appear then deconstruct themselves. Strange figures come and go, etc. until suddenly everything stops. The group look around them. Everything is quite different to the time they just left. They are in what seems like paradise.)

Max: Ow, ow, ow, blender face.

Drake: Is everyone ok?

Vera: What is this place?

Max: Look at the size of that thing! (Max points somewhere and the gang go to inspect.)

(Herbert sits down, looking very unhappy. The rest go exploring the stage while Myra sits next to Herbert.)

Herbert: I was wrong, Myra. About all of this. She’s gone and it’s my fault.

Myra: Your sister isn’t dead.

Herbert: You sound like my Aunt Wells.

Myra: No, really. Your sister isn’t dead. Well, she is. But she isn’t.

Herbert: What are you talking about?

Myra: When your sister went missing, did she already invent her machine?

Herbert: No?

Myra: Then the sister you lost in the future isn’t your sister.

Herbert: That makes exactly no sense.

Myra: Look, the Georgina you know was taken by the villain before she could build her machine, right? The one in the future had already built the machine.

Herbert: You mean… the Georgie in the future was already older… had already built the machine… so she couldn’t possibly be my Georgie!

Myra: Exactly.

Herbert: My sister’s alive!

Myra: Yes… that’s what I’m saying. But also not. But also yes.

Herbert: I still don’t get it though. Why would the Villain take Georgie? If that was the future, then he already won. He wouldn’t need to stop Georgie from – unless…

Myra: he needs to know how the machine works –

Herbert: So that he can create his monsters in the future. Which means –

Myra: If we don’t find your sister, the world is doomed…

Herbert: (After a moment, to herself, determined) Alright Georgie. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

(The rest of the gang returns with some massive eggs)

Max: Herbert! Look at the size of these eggs we found!

Vera: You mean, look at the size of the omelettes we found!

Drake: Breakfast, anyone?

Lazarus: This is an egg? Like the breakfast tales of legend? What tree do I pick the bacon from?

Herbert: Put those back.

Max: But Herbert –

Herbert: Quick! If the eggs are that size, how big do you think the mother is going to be?

(The realisation sinks in for everyone. Max slowly puts the eggs down. Everyone watches as he does so. When they reach the ground, everyone lets out a breath.)

Herbert: (Slowly) Now let’s all just back away slow –

(A small dinosaur pops up behind them with a squeak. They all jump with fright and turn to face a new threat.)

Lazarus: What the Question is that? Back! Back you ugly lizard!

Vera: Aww, look at him! He’s so cute! (She moves a little closer.)

Max: Uh… Vera?

Drake: I don’t think that’s the greatest idea you’ve ever had.

Vera: Oh, nonsense. Just look at his little face! He couldn’t hurt a f – (The dinosaur lets out a hideous screech revealing an impressive row of teeth. Vera jumps back.) Kill it! Kill it with fire!

Myra: I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I don’t think it’s alone.

(A multitude of other small dinosaurs start popping up all over the place and surround the gang. They stand back to back while the small dinosaurs circle them. They get closer and closer in a tighter circle.)

Vera: What do we do?

Max: I have an idea.

Drake: Whatever you have, man, now’s the time!

(Max stands up straight and makes himself look as big as he can. He starts shouting at the dinosaurs, trying to intimidate them. The dinosaurs back off a little bit.)

Vera: What are you –

Herbert: I get it. Try scaring them off!

(The whole group starts to do what Max does. Suddenly, the small dinosaurs all look up in one direction, let out a screech and run off stage.)

Vera: It worked! Max, you’re a genius!

Lazarus: Now the delicious eggs are ours!

Max: Run away you unevolved chickens!

(The group celebrates but fail to notice the massive mother dinosaur slowly appearing behind them. It snorts and the group turn around to face it.)

Lazarus: Oh boy.

Myra: I guess that’s mom.

(Dinosaur lets out a massive ear-splitting roar. The gang back peddles fairly quick as the mommy dinosaur moves towards them. Just as it gets close enough to touch them, a sound is heard off stage, like a Tarzan shout. The mommy dinosaur lifts her head in the direction of the noise.)

Herbert: Now what?!

(The Tarzan shout is heard again followed by a large group of cavemen rushing onto the stage. They start to poke at the dinosaur with sticks, some jump around. Generally, just chaos until the dinosaur gets the hint and leaves. The group of cavemen have a small celebration and then jump right into the eggs which they devour, completely ignoring the gang. The gang take in the sight in disbelief.)

Drake: (After a moment) Breakfast anyone?

(They all look to Herbert. She realises what’s going on.)

Herbert: No. No, not this time, no. Last time I asked for directions, we nearly got eaten.

Drake: Fair enough.

(They all turn toward the cavemen and look.)

Max: So, who’s it going to be? (Everyone except Max takes a step back. He looks back at his friends.) Oh, I see how it is. (Snorts in derision) Fine. (He looks back at the cavemen, takes a deep breath.) Hello. Er… Hi there. I was hoping you might be able to tell us –

(One of the cavemen grab Max by the wrist and pulls him down into a sitting position.)

Max: He’s going to eat me!

(The caveman takes an egg and offers it to Max. Max hesitates. The caveman keeps going until Max cautiously takes the egg.)

Vera: I think he wants to feed you.

Max: I’m not eating this, it’s raw!

(The caveman grunts angrily)

Drake: I don’t think you have much of a choice. You’re probably being impolite.

Vera: You’re such a barbarian, Max.

(Max gives them a dirty look. He carefully takes some of the egg and eats it. He nearly gags but manages to keep it in. The caveman grunts, obviously very amused. At this, some of the other cavemen grab the rest of the gang and pulls them to the feast. Things turn quite jovial from here. The cavemen are all very curious about their new friends. The pull some hair, sniff, poke, etc. but generally aren’t threatening.)

Myra: They seem friendly.

Drake: So now what?

Herbert: We look for Georgie.

Vera: here?

Herbert: Lazarus?

Lazarus: (With a face full of egg) Uh-huh?

Herbert: Your king –

Lazarus: Scum –

Herbert: Yes, yes… He went away, didn’t he?

Lazarus: On a quest, yes. How did you know?

Herbert: Your mother said he was away. Did he ever come back?

Lazarus: No.

Drake: What are you getting at, Hebert?

Herbert: He’s hidden Georgie. Somewhere in time. Remember what aunt Wells said? A Villain came back from the future to kidnap Georgie, and that I can find her using this clock. He never went back to the future, like Lazarus said, so he must have taken her to some other time.

Vera: And you think she’s here?

Herbert: Might be.

Max: Well, where better to start looking –

Myra: (Gesturing to her surroundings) Than at the very beginning.

Herbert: It’s a very good place to start.

Drake: So… Where do we start?

Herbert: (She moves to Caveman 1) Excuse me?

Caveman 1: Grunt grunt?

Herbert: I’m looking for my sister. She’s about this tall –

Caveman 1: Grunt grunt, sniffle. (He offers her some more egg)

Herbert: No, thank you. I was just wondering if you’ve seen –

Caveman 1: Grunt sniffle sniffle grunt grunt.

Vera: This is what it’s like talking to boys, I’m just saying.

Drake: Herbert, I don’t think –

Herbert: Hang on. (She looks around. Pats her pockets.) Never have a pen when I need one. Wait, this’ll do. (She grabs a stick and starts drawing large pictures in the sand. She speaks slowly and gestures as she does so. The first picture is of a small girl.) I… am… looking… for… my sister.

Caveman 1: (Looks at the picture. Looks at Herbert. Looks at the picture.) Grunt grunt… sniffle. (He suddenly looks very scared.) Grunt sniffle grunt sniffle! (He erases the picture.)

Max: He looks scared. Why’s he scared of Georgie?

Caveman 2: (Comes over, he gestures as he grunts) Grunt, grunt grunt grunt… sniffle. (Herbert looks around at everyone who is just as confused as she is. Caveman 2 takes the stick from Herbert’s hand and starts drawing, grunting as he goes.) Grunt, grunt sniffle grunt. Gruuuuuuuunt, sniffle sniffle grunt. (He draws a picture of a hooded villain.)

Herbert: That must be the villain! (Excitedly) He’s been here! Is he here now? Where is he? Does he have my sister with him?

Caveman 2: (Shakes his head) Grunt grunt grunt. (He draws a something that looks like a portal next to the picture of the villain) Sniffle sniffle swooooooooosh!

Max: I think he’s saying they’ve gone.

Herbert: (Draws a picture of a skyline) This is Newton. (She gestures to her surroundings.) Newton.

Caveman 1: Grunt (Understands)

Herbert: Are they here in Newton, now?

Caveman 1: Grunt (No)

Max: They’re not in this timeline.

Herbert: Right. Then we look somewhere else –

Caveman 1: Grunt grunt. (All the cavemen suddenly look up in one direction.)

Vera: I think we have company.

(A sudden Jurassic Park-like footstep is heard.)

Drake: She’s back…

(The cavemen all get up and ready their spears and slingshots, etc. They all look in one direction while retreating to another.)

Max: Clock! Where’s the clock? Get us out of here!

(The group gather around Myra while she fiddles with the clock. As they do so, the small dinosaurs appear behind the retreating cavemen.)

Drake: She’s brought friends.

(The footsteps get louder and louder and the Mommy dinosaur appears on the opposite side of the small ones. She roars.)

Max: Scatter!

(A classic chase scene ensues. The dinosaurs chase the group, the group chases the dinosaurs, it’s all very chaotic until eventually the group is surrounded.)

Vera: Try shouting at them. That worked last –

(Mommy dinosaur roars)

Max: Don’t think I can shout that loud. Myra! Quickly!

Myra: I’m working on it! (The dinosaurs get closer. Some smaller ones tangle with the cavemen. Others circle around.) I’ve got it! Everyone get close!

Herbert: We can’t just leave them here! (Gesturing to the cavemen)

Vera: Yes we can! Survival of the fastest!

Herbert: Not how it works! (She runs to the cavemen, pulls them closer to the group.) Myra, now!

(The dinosaurs are now close enough to bite the group. Myra pulls her hand back to slap the clock but in the process manages to slip and fall.)

Vera: No!

Max: We’re doomed!

(One of the dinosaurs moves forward and steps on the clock. There is a sudden loud noise and flashes of light. The dinosaurs disappear. The clock lies on the ground. Everyone looks around speechless.)

Caveman 1: (After a moment) Grunt… grunt grunt grunt!

(The cavemen jump into the air in celebration.)

Myra: They’re… they’re gone.

Lazarus: (weeps with joy) Oh thank you! Thank you Question!

Drake: Where’d they go?

Vera: Does it matter? They’re gone!

Max: Next time we’re in mortal danger, could we please escape slightly before the nick of time? All these close shaves are giving me grey hair.

(The cavemen, still celebrating give the group hugs in thanks.)

Vera: Lazarus?

Lazarus: Yes?

Vera: Won’t your mother miss you?

Lazarus: I don’t think so. More food for her.

Vera: Oh. Won’t you miss her?

Lazarus: Yes. But I think I’ll see her again, soon.

Herbert: It’s time for us to go. Myra, can you fix that thing?

Myra: Doesn’t need to be fixed. Surprisingly little damage to the –

Herbert: Alright, let’s get out of here before anything else shows up.

(The group huddle together. Myra slaps the clock and they disappear with a bang.)

Caveman 1: (Moves away from the celebrating cavemen. He looks at the last drawing done by Herbert.) Grunt… grunt… Neeeewwwwton…

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