Timeless, Sc 13-14

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Huzzah! We have officially had our last curtain call of Timeless! We have all had an amazing time working and being apart of this fantastic show. Now that we have finished and all order in the world has been restored, maybe, we can now release the final part of the script for your eyes to gaze over.


***The Climax***

(Myra slaps the clock. Outside Herbert’s house, a few minutes before the kidnapping. We see the Villain sitting comfortably, waiting for something. Inside the house, through the window, we see Herbert and Georgie playing hide and seek. For clarity we’ll call them Past Herbert and Past Georgie. They cannot see the Villain or the group.)

Past Georgie: It’s your turn. Go on! Hide!

Past Herbert: Alright, I’m going. You’d better not peek this time!

(The group sneak in and see the Villain standing with his back to them. Herbert shows the rest to keep quiet and to follow her. The sneak up on the Villain.)

Villain: (Without looking) You’re not supposed to be here, you know. (Villain twitches her hand creature A appears and move menacingly toward the group. The group backtracks.)

Herbert: How’d you know?

Villain: You don’t think I’d keep a look out? (Snaps fingers and creature B appears behind the group.)

Creatures A and B: Look out! Look out!

Villain: (Motions for silence) Quiet now. We must not let Georgie know we’re here. Not yet.

Herbert: That’s not going to happen.

Villain: Who’s going to stop me? You?

Past Georgie: 25, 26, 27, 28, 29… 30! Ready or not, here I come! (a moment) You can come out from behind the curtains, now.

Past Herbert: You didn’t even move that time!

Max: Is that… you?

Vera: And Georgie?

Herbert: A few minutes before this… this… villain takes her.

Villain: Villain? Is that what they call me now?

Lazarus: But… how… why are you there? And here? But there?

Myra: We looked everywhere else, but here.

Herbert: The last place I’d look for Georgie is where I saw her last.

Villain: (Gesturing to Myra) Ah, the clockmaker is here, too. Hang on to her, Herbert, she’s very handy to have around.

Past Herbert: Can you extrapolate yourself from the claws of doom?

Past Georgie: That’s not how extrapolating works!

Herbert: How do you know my name?

Villain: (Twitches her fingers and the Creatures move to catch the group) Lots I know about you.

Herbert: She won’t ever help you. I know my sister.

Villain: You would think so. Look, I don’t even have the time to explain to why I don’t have the time to explain this to you. You must let this happen, or the world as you know it will be no more.

Herbert: I’ve seen what you’ve done. I’ve seen the world you’ve created.

Villain: The problem with the future, you see, is that it always tends to become the present. Unless –

Past Georgie: One day, I’m going to make it better.

Past Herbert: What?

Past Georgie: Everything! I’m going to make everything better! You’ll see! I’m going to do something that matters!

Villain: It’s nearly time.

(She twitches her fingers and the Creatures jump upon the group. They quickly incapacitate them, bind them. They miss Herbert who draws Excalibur and starts swinging wildly at Villain who dodges lazily. Their fight takes centre stage for a while until the Villain draws a weapon of her own and holds it to throat of one of the group.)

Villain: Stop! Not one more step.

Herbert: You monster! Just tell me why! Why do you want to destroy everything?

Villain: (Quietly.) I grew up. I lost my way. I didn’t know who to help… who to let suffer. I wanted to make everything better, for the world, for everyone. But in the end I only made everything better for myself. But I can change that. I can fix my mistakes. I only need a little help. I need Georgie’s help.

Herbert: What are you talking about?

Villain: Your Aunt Wells never told you what happened to your sister, after she made her machine?

Herbert: You killed her!

Villain: No. I am your sister. (She reveals her face.)

Herbert: Georg – Georgie?

Lazarus: Whaaaaaat is happening?

Villain: I did change everything, Herbert. I made everything better! Blue Gas made the world better! I just… I just grew up. The future you saw, yes, that was my doing. But I can change it. I need Georgie, young Georgie to show me the way. To show me what I lost. (Gestures to the window) If she is allowed to grow up, all of this will happen again. I must take her. And you must not stop me. Do you understand now? (Herbert stands frozen.) Herbert, trust me, like you once trusted me. (She drop the weapon she’s holding)

Lazarus: Whaaaaaaat is happening?

Past Georgie: That’s too obvious, anyway. No, I’ll be in the last you place you look for me!

Past Herbert: Obviously. Won’t be looking for you after I find you, will I? Go on!

Villain: Times up, Herbert. What’s it going to be?

(Herbert looks to her friends who all shake their heads. Past Georgie comes running in. She freezes.)

Myra: The past, the present and the future all walk into a garden.

Herbert: This is tense.

Past Georgie: Hello. Herbert… how’d you get out here? And who are these people?

Herbert: (Gives Georgie the biggest hug) Georgie! Georgie, I’ve missed you so much!

Past Georgie: O…k…

Villain: Herbert…

Herbert: You’re coming with us Georgie.

Past Herbert: Georgie! Georgie!

Past Georgie: Is that –

Villain: If we are to allow the natural progression of time, we must not let you see… you… Quickly now.

(They all rush off just as Past Herbert comes onto stage, looks around, and runs off.)


***The Resolution***

(Wells’ Kitchen. The group, Villain and Georgie are enjoying a cup of tea at the table. Loud slurps are heard.)

Wells: (Enters, in thought, sees the group. Freezes and takes in the scene as they all smile at her.) This looks cosy.

Herbert: (Gesturing to Villain) I found Georgie.

Wells: So I see.

Herbert: Oh. I thought that’d get a bigger reaction…

Wells: You would have, if it were a surprise.

Herbert: You knew this –

Wells: Of course, I knew. What I don’t know is what you’re doing with her… here. Did she kidnap you too? Not satisfied with the younger you, you had to take the sister too? Too frightened of what Herbert might become?

Myra: Actually, I think you’ll find that it was Herbert who kidnapped her.

Wells: Myra? Is that you?

Max: You know each other?

Wells: I should think so. I haven’t seen you since –

Myra: I’m sorry. I don’t think we’ve ever met?

Wells: You don’t know it yet, but you’re partly the reason all this has happened. We were very good friends, you see. What are you doing here?

Herbert: It all started when you gave me this clock…

Wells: I’ve already given it to you? I don’t remember giving it to you…

Herbert: Well, not yet. But you’re about to, when I come for tea in a few minutes.

Wells: Then you’ve already succeeded… (Looks at her watch) I told you so. How? Tell me everything!

Vera: Don’t really have time for the whole story –

Herbert: But I can tell you this. We went looking all over for Georgie. When we finally found her, she, the older Georgie, explained everything. She needs her younger self to fix her mistakes –

Max: And there are a lot of those in the future –

Myra: To remake the world like she first imagined it, before she grew up –

Max: Before she lost her way a little –

Herbert: And to make things better.

Wells: And you believe her?

Herbert: She’s my sister. Of course, I do.

Wells: Then I do, too.

Myra: But you have to give Herbert –

Max: The Herbert coming for tea –

Myra: The clock. Everything needs to happen exactly as it has for this work. And she can’t know we’re here.

Wells: (To Villain) Is this true? Have you really changed? The last time I saw you, you were tearing the limbs –

Villain: They don’t need to hear about that. But yes. It’s all true. I’m sorry, Herbert, about all of this.

Herbert and Wells together: I know you mean well –

Herbert: What?!

Wells: You don’t know! Of course, you don’t know!

Lazarus: Whaaaaaaaat is happening now?

Wells: I’m you.

Herbert: No!

Wells: Yes.

Herbert: No!

Wells: Yes.

Herbert: No!

Wells: Herbert, I may be a little rough around the edges, but you don’t have to look so flabbergasted. You’re starting to hurt my feelings.

Herbert: How…?

Wells: Where to begin? Georgie and I had a perfectly happy childhood. She’s a genius, of course, so she made all sorts of inventions to cause mischief with. But she always wanted to make things better.

Lazarus: Cuddlier?

Wells: Exactly. Who are you?

Lazarus: I’m Lazarus. I’m from the future.

Wells: Right. So when she made her machine, the world couldn’t be happier. Blue Gas changed everything. But soon, people started to demand more. Georgie couldn’t keep up with who wanted what, who needed what. She… she… changed. She lost her faith in people. If they couldn’t control themselves, then she would. She’d give them exactly what they needed. The Georgie we knew died and she took the title of King of Newton.

Villain: Sorry about that.

Wells: Mmm. The Balloon Wars started. I myself lead the rebellion to stop her myself. I figured if anyone was going to stop her, it would be me. But to no avail. We were losing… hard.

Villain: Sorry about that.

Wells: All was lost. The world, as we knew it, would end. But just when things were bleakest, along comes Myra, our old school friend. Her father was a clockmaker you see. She knew all about them. She made that clock.

Vera: No way!

Myra: I… I made the clock?

Wells: Yes. Two, in fact.

Myra: Two?

Villain: I snatched you. I heard what you were up to. I had to have one of course.

Myra: I made you one?

Villain: Yes… I… er… persuaded… you to make me one.

Myra: Persuaded?

Villain: Tortured, alright? Until you went insane. What? I knew if I could go back and fix all of this, you’d be fine. So, no harm, no foul, right? Sorry.

Wells: Anyway, after you were taken, Myra, I went back in time to look after my younger self and to guide Georgie.

Herbert: But our parents –

Wells: Think I’m a long-lost aunt, five times removed on your father’s side.

Lazarus: Consider my brain officially broken.

(Common consensus among the group.)

Max: So now what?

(There’s a knock at the door)

Herbert: That’s me, I expect.

Wells: Alright, everyone quiet down. (Shouting) Come in Herbert, the door’s open. Just have a seat in the living room, ok? (To group) Quick, give me some cups. And the tea.

Herbert: Oh… you’re out of tea –

Lazarus: Tea is delicious!

Wells: Never mind. (Takes two mugs. Stops.) It’s good to see you again, Georgina. I’ve missed you.

Villain: And I you.

Wells: Don’t go anywhere. We have a lot to talk about.

Villain: Like that beard of yours?

Wells: It’s growing on me.

Villain: (Laughs)

Wells: (giggling) Shhhhhhh. (Shouting) Excuse me, Herbert, the milks gone bad. (To group) Keep quiet! (Exit)

Vera: What happened to me? In the future, I mean.

Villain: You? Oh, you went off the deep end. Ended up living in a cave. Changed your name to Lucinda, or something. Had a bad habit of throwing your shoes at people.

Lazarus: Hey! Lucinda’s my mother’s name!

Georgie: I’ve been thinking about it. What if I don’t make the machine? What if Blue Gas just doesn’t exist?

Herbert: Well, the world wouldn’t change, for better or worse…

Georgie: I’ve got some sketches. I could tear them up right now and –

Max: Wait! If you do, what happens to Lazarus? And Aunt Wells and… well… you? (Gesturing to Villain.)

Georgie: I… don’t know…

Vera: Tear them up! Tear them up!

Herbert: (To Georgie) No! We can’t do that… you’d just… not exist anymore. Neither would Aunt Wells… me… or Lazarus.

Villain: We’d still exist. Just not like we do now. And not for a while still. You still have your whole lives ahead of you. Wells will understand. I think… to make a better world… this is for the best.

Herbert: Lazarus?

Lazarus: Do it. I don’t understand most of what’s happening here, I’m going to be completely honest. But I do know saving the world doesn’t mean feeding little girls to monsters. Or making magic machines. Sometimes, it’s as easy as tearing up a bit of paper. Besides, I set out to find the rebel leader. And I’ve found her. I’ve been with her all this time. (To Vera) When I’m born, make sure it’s in a world full of bacon and eggs… mom. There is one thing that still bothers me though. Where’d the dinosaurs go? You’ll let me know when you find out? (Everyone nods)

Max: Maybe you won’t disappear at all?

Myra: It’s a possibility. Maybe they’ll stay exactly as they are? But we won’t know for sure until –

Wells: (Entering) Let’s find out, shall we? Other Herbert’s gone off to find her sister.

Villain: You understand –

Wells: (With a smile) I heard everything. Go on then.

(Georgie comes forward with the papers. She holds them up and in one swift motion tears them in half. Black Out)



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