Timeless, Sc 1 – 2


Can you feel it? With just over seven weeks before the debut of Timeless, our summer spectacular, the excitement is almost palpable. Rehearsals are underway, costumes are being sewn, the set is taking shape and the limes are being freshly picked for the lights. The director is mad with power and the stage manager has lost his temper and “does not know where he put it.” And on top of it all, the producer keeps telling the designer that we cannot have a 50ft tree made of cornflakes on centre stage… so all in all, everything is running smoothly.


That being said, the writer has gone right off the deep end and decided to do something horrendous, something inexplicable, something unheard of; he has decided, while laughing maniacally, as all mad geniuses do, to share the script with you.

Some would call this crazy, but that’s just the kind of crazy we look for at Starlit Voice. So, every week in the run-up to opening night, we will be sharing a part of the very script you get to see on stage. So without any further a due, we present to you Timless in all its scriptly glory.



An Original Starlit Production
J.M. Brink

Chapter 1: The Present



***Hide and Seek***

(Opening scene. Time-lapse. The lights come up on the interior of Herbert’s house. Georgie stands with her hands covering her eyes.)

Georgie: 25, 26, 27, 28, 29… 30! Ready or not, here I come! (She doesn’t move) You can come out from behind the curtains, now.

(Herbert enters, mildly frustrated)

Herbert: You didn’t even move that time!

Georgie: I didn’t have to. There are only so many places you can hide. If we go through a very simple process of elimination, removing your regular hiding spots due to your creative overcompensation because of you losing so many times, taking into account the number of good spots you couldn’t physically fit into, combined with your unconscious fear of dusty and confined places, we can extrapolate the necessary data and deduce your whereabouts.

Herbert: You saw my feet under the curtains, didn’t you?

Georgie: I saw your feet under the curtains, yes.

Herbert: You little cheater! (Herbert starts chasing Georgie around the room, they giggle as they go. Soon Herbert catches up to Georgie, pins her down on the floor and starts tickling her. Georgie snorts with laughter.) Can you extrapolate yourself from this? Huh? Can you?

Georgie: Stop! Stop it!

Herbert: Can you extrapolate yourself from the claws of doom?

Georgie: That’s not how extrapolating works!

(Soon they are out of breath and laughing heavily, sitting next to each other. They quiet down as they catch their breaths. A moment of silence between them.)

Georgie: Herbert?

Herbert: Mmm?

Georgie: Why do you think everything is so brown?

Herbert: What do you mean?

Georgie: I’ve been reading about a time when things were green.

Herbert: Green?

Georgie: And there were animals roaming free, bugs the size of cars, and trees as far as the eye could see.

Herbert: Well, there are still trees.

Georgie: But not a lot them. And definitely not green ones. Our trees are kind of sad looking.

Herbert: I don’t know why. That’s just the way it is, I guess.

Georgie: There must be a way to make it better. Greener. Wouldn’t that be nice? To live in a green world?

Herbert: It’d be a little weird if you ask me. Next, you’re going to tell me the sky should be blue!

Georgie: It should be! But there’s not enough of the right gasses in the air for sunlight to turn the sky blue.

Herbert: (Jokingly) What are you saying, that we need some more blue gas in the air?

Georgie: (Very serious) There’s no such thing as blue gas, Herbert.

Herbert: And there’s no such thing as a sense of humour either, apparently.

Georgie: Look, I’ve even made some sketches for a special machine that I’m going to build! One day, I’m going to make it better.

Herbert: What?

Georgie: Everything! I’m going to make everything better! You’ll see! I’m going to do something that matters!

Herbert: (Giving Georgie a big bear hug.) You already matter, snot nose!

Georgie: You matter, too… unless you multiply yourself by the speed of light squared… then you energy.

Herbert: It’s your turn to hide.

Georgie: Yes! Close your eyes!

Herbert: Don’t go into the attic again! I hate it in there.

Georgie: That’s too obvious, anyway. No, I’ll be in the last you place you look for me!

Herbert: Obviously. Won’t be looking for you after I find you, will I? Go on! (Covers her eyes with her hands) 1, 2, 3, 4 (As Herbert counts Georgie looks around, tries a few spots, decides against them, then runs off stage.) 17, 18, 19, 20! Ready or not here I come! Come out, come out, wherever you are! Ha! Oh, no one here either. Georgie has gotten better, I see.  Georgie! Where are you, Georgie?


***Georgie goes Missing***

(She keeps yelling her sisters’ name. After a while she stands centre stage, looking straight ahead. She doesn’t move from this spot. She keeps yelling Georgie’s name. After a while, we start to hear other voices randomly shouting Georgie’s name. We see a group of adults move across the stage, pointing flashlights, yelling Georgie’s name, as if they were a search party. They exit. A group of well-trained policemen and women move onto the stage, some are taking notes in notepads, others have magnifying glasses, others are inspecting their surroundings. Eventually, they too move off. Herbert’s mom moves onto the stage, gives her a hug and leaves, followed closely by her father who does the same. Behind Herbert, a row of “missing” posters are put up. Herbert’s mom comes in with a blanket and drapes it over Herbert’s shoulders, gives her a hug, and leaves. The “missing” posters are removed from behind Herbert. A row of very sombre looking family members come up and one by one, and very quickly, go to Herbert and say “Condolences.” They move off. Herbert’s Mom comes in again and removes the blanket from Herbert’s shoulders. When the blanket is removed, Herbert is wearing white clothing in the same style and cut as her previous costume. Then Herbert is alone.)

Herbert: (After a long silence. Quietly.) Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Copyright© January 2018 Starlit Voice

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