Three Long Days

Five Teens, One Room, Three Long Days…

Five stereotypical teens are locked in a room for three days as part of “Big Brother” style contest. With their every move watched and recorded for public display, will these teens come to terms with their pasts or will they be at each others throats before three days are over.

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About Invicta

Invicta, at it’s core, is a youth theatre company for and by young, aspiring performers. Founded by Starlit Voice, Invicta is an initiative that encourages it’s members to take part in all aspects of theatre production. It is based on the fundamental belief that the best theatre education comes from performing as much as possible. As such, Invicta is not a class or a course, but rather a place where members can create theatre that is relevant to them and gain professional experience that would otherwise take them years to learn in a classroom. We want to give each member a platform to express themselves through theatre and performance, and by extension, enter the professional world as confident, creative and talented individuals.

Meet the Cast of Three Long Days

Marcus Yan as Jonathan

Rafa Santos as Mike

Danica Agoncillo as Jenna

Sara House as Colby

Kimmi Lynn as Letha

About Three Long Days

Three Long Days is a play about five very different teens, thrust into a situation no one would envy; living together in a small room for three long days. With the promise of a big pile of cash as motivation, each teen will go through a series of challenges that will push themselves and their peers to the brink. On the surface we see the usual stereotypes; goths, jocks, geeks and cheerleaders. But what happens when stereotypes begin to crumble and only humanity is left? Will the teens be at each others throats? Or will they learn to adapt and show compassion? 

The members of Invicta have worked tirelessly to create an intense, claustrophobic atmosphere, using the available performance space to their advantage. Props and décor are sparse so as to better focus on the delivery of beautifully crafted characters that the cast worked hard to produce.

We would like to invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy Invicta’s debut production, Three Long Days.

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Invicta is an initiative with zero budget. This is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, we are restricted by financial constraints, able to only to perform within a limited means. But on the other hand, this means that company members are forced to think outside of the box, adapt to their limitations and create truly unique art. It is a learning experience into what it means to be a professional theatre maker in the 21st century. Every cent made by Invicta performances goes back to Invicta, meaning our next production will be bigger and better than before. In making Three Ling Days, company members sourced their own costumes, props and set pieces, often borrowing out their own wardrobes. We would like to thank you for your support. Every ticket sold means an extra prop, an extra script printed, more resources for the next production. It means that Invicta members can wholeheartedly pursue their artistic and theatrical endeavors. Without you, the audience, Invicta would not exist. Sincerely, thank you.

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We teach, we act, we sing, we dance because we love what we do and we love what we do because we are good at it. Each and everyone of us at Starlit Voice has a deep passion for art in all its forms, performance and otherwise. That passion drove us to work, day in and day out, to become the very best we can be in our respective fields. And we never stop working. We never stop learning or growing as professional arts practitioners. Each day presents new opportunities to hone our craft. We are all driven by a near-visceral need to experiment; we are motivated by curiosity and a fundamental necessity to explore and challenge the established conventions of the arts industry. We love asking “what if?”


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