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NEW Foundations NEWSHUB

The DSHK Foundations programme presented by Starlit Voice has been a firm favourite for many young performers. These Saturday classes, developed by Lymari Alberts and Louise Matthews, two of the Starlit Voice Drama Practitioners, cater to a young crowd and lay the foundations for a strong understanding of theatrical principles. If that sounds too academic, let’s just say that the Foundations Programme grabs drama by the horns, flips it upside down and tickles it until it cannot breathe.   At least that’s what it sounds like when standing outside one of these classes.


Lymari Alberts has seen firsthand what a solid drama education can offer any youngster, whether they want to be performers or not. “It’s a matter of confidence.” She said. “Some go from not being able to take their eyes off the ground to confidently telling you exactly what is wrong with the plot of Beauty and the Beast. You can see the change happening in front of you.”

DSHK (Drama School Hong Kong) Foundations, the brainchild of Vincent Warren, artistic and senior company director, was developed and brought to life by Alberts and Matthews, and has experienced immense success. “Ever since the classes started, we’ve had nothing but growth,” Says Louise Mathews. “So much so, that we’ve had to expand.”

And expand they did. Foundations is set to offer a wider range of classes in venues in both Central and Kowloon Bay. They are specifically designed for children ages 4 to 10 and Mathews assures us that the curriculum planned for the new term will be something special to look forward to. “We’ve planned the curriculum to focus on the core principles of drama and theatre. The students will learn how to use their bodies, voices and imaginations to make characters come alive. And through this we hope to achieve a higher level of self-confidence within the students, so that they too can go into the world with chins held high.

Alberts added, “We have grown so proud of our current students. And we look forward to getting to work with an even larger group of aspiring performers.”

Enrolments for the new term are open and anyone interested can visit the Starlit Voice webpage for registration details. Just follow this link: https://starlitvoice.com/portfolio/kowloon-bay-venue/

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