eccentric - radical - unconventional - inventive

Youth Theatre Factory

eccentric - radical - unconventional - inventive
Welcome to the new world

Starlit Voice is proud to introduce The Youth Theatre Factory.

A new and intensive youth theatre programme aimed at the education and development of the next generation of cutting edge theatre makers.

The Youth Theatre Factory is the veritable skunk works of Starlit Voice where we encourage students to see beyond the norms of theatre and delve into the unconventional. Each three hour session is dedicated to rehearsals and specialized workshops as we believe in a practical approach to creating theatre. Our curriculum runs in conjunction with current theatre trends so as to allow students to explore not only the age old fundamentals of theatre creation, but more importantly, contemporary artists and techniques. We consider it our duty to allow students to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions in an environment where eccentric creativity is encouraged.

The Youth Theatre Factory is open to students age 12 and up and all are welcome, regardless of prior experience. However, we accept only the most committed students, those who are not afraid to explore the unexplored, the new, the radical, and the unorthodox. If this sounds like you, then welcome to the new world of theatre.

Some of what you can expect

Take a peek inside the new world


Flat A-B, 12/f, Sing Kui Commercial Building, 27 Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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