Managing Tension

However, tension can also interfere with the body and voice, preventing performers from using their instruments healthily.

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Observing People

People watching is an important part of an actor’s daily life. Observing how different individuals speak, move and interact with others. This will all be useful information to store away and draw from as you are creating your characters.

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Back to School

Starlit voice is offering a wonderful opportunity for all budding performers. HK Starlit’s is a brand new project which will take place from November 22nd to November 24th. 每個表演者都想得到觀眾嘅認同同欣賞,對於一班未成為職業表演者嘅學生黎講,每個演出除咗喺可以展示自己才華嘅機會,同時都喺磨練自己,為將來事業發展作準備,但點樣先可以爭取到更多專業舞台演出嘅經驗呢?

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A Daily rehearsal Update with Daly

The thing I am most excited about with this production is the re-enlivening of these old spirits and Fairies that have come from all across the world, and to present them to an audience that may not have heard of or seen them before.

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