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Meet Juhi Naresh Gangaramani. She’s come to our office to help out. Over a period of 5 days, she packed, stacked, read, wrote, travelled the length and breadth of Hong Kong, developed a class, taught a class, did some marketing, did some administration, carried things, put those things down, picked up some other things and put them down also. She categorized books, filed folders and turned into a zombie. And she did it all with a smile.

Thank you for your kind words, Juhi. We will be watching your career with great interest!

Juhi and a badge

5 Day Internship Reflection

Life of an Intern at Starlit Voice

Day 1:

The start to my first day began with meeting the brains behind Starlit Voice, also known as “the team”. I was quite excited to see what the work life was like, the team and the students. I first started the day by assisting Owen and Vincent to carry out the props from the truck. The props were used in their latest production, Timeless. Unfortunately, I missed the show but I heard lots of positive feedback from the team. After carrying the items to the office, I then proceeded to sort out clutter in the storage area by disposing or shifting unneeded items. I helped Megan and Jonathan make shelves using the boxes brought from the theatre and used them to store other items. Then I took my lunch break in the office. Then I went with Jonathan and Lymari to Harrow International School for a drama class with 7-9 year old boys. It was very interesting to see the school and learn about stage combat/fighting. The boys were taught how to stage slaps, punches, hair pulls and breakfalls. Personally, I found this exciting because it gave me an insight as to how people in the acting industry are able to pull off fight scenes that look very realistic on camera from a certain angle.

Juhi and Calyn

Day 2:

This morning Owen gave me the task of sorting out Mr Men books by category, this was going to be a new theme for a class he was doing, he titled it, Mr Men Madness. After this, Calyn, another intern, and I, were given the task to sort out books from the team’s shelves and create a better system in which they were more accessible. As per usual, we took our lunch break. The afternoon was mostly filled with assisting the team with whatever they needed. Owen gave me the task of putting together some music sheets from the Addams Family Musical that had repetitive lyrics. Later on, Calyn and I were given an important task by Jan to write an advert for the West End Stage theatre classes that are coming from England to Hong Kong. It was very important that we worked together because we would be able to point out each others grammatical mistakes and make corrections so that the message came across clearly to the intended target audience. In my opinion, writing is crucial when working at a theatre company, because it helps you to do many things. Such as conveying a certain message to the intended target audience, taking notes on places of improvement and responding to emails from prospective parents etc.


Day 3:

Today, Calyn and I were given a task by Owen to come up with some games relating to the Mr Men characters. It was challenging at first but when we started to connect them with games commonly used in drama classes it became easier and we came up with a few original ones that we thought would really help the students to understand the Mr Men characters. As part of a routine, we went around to check and see if anyone needed any support or help. In the afternoon, we rushed to eat lunch in order to make it on time to another class at Harrow International School. This included most of the team as they all were teaching classes today. I was designated to aid Jonathan with his class when we reached Harrow. We met the students and proceeded down to the room in which the class was held. This group of students were a little younger but very enthusiastic. We played a few games, I led a short activity to get the kids to calm down and we put together scenes depicting life in the ocean. I found this particularly gratifying because I was beginning to understand the real meaning of being a teacher and the responsibilities that come with it. On the way back home, I also realized that I saw my younger self within the children and how I have evolved into taking responsibilities and being an intern.

Juhi and the office

Day 4:

It was a quiet morning today because everyone except Jonathan and I were out of the office. There were no urgent tasks to undertake so I decided to reorganize the Mr Men books back into their categories. In addition to that, I created a list of what was missing and how many of each book were in the collection. Right after I completed this, Jonathan and I headed to Peak School for a lunch time class. We started off the class with introductions as usual and I led a game of Zombie. Then the kids were sorted into groups to make a short scene with a moral at the end of the story. This was difficult at first to come up with any original ideas but once we came up with a moral it was pretty easy to construct a scene. Prior to the lesson, I had lunch and came back to the office to work on my blog post. Overall, today’s takeaway was to be in communication with one another and although there might not always be tasks, there are ways in which you can contribute to the office.

Day 5:

This morning I did not have much to do so I continued to organize the Mr Men books and add to the list of games to create for the new unit. I had lunch as usual and went to Kellett school in Pok Fu Lam with Lymari, Owen and Jonathan. For today’s lesson, I joined Owen just to see a different teaching style and it was exciting to see how different teachers approach students with new techniques. We played drama games and began to create a one word story. It gave me a chance to take a leadership role by taking over games and expanding creativity. I also felt more open minded by listening to the ideas contributed by the other students. We finished the day , took a photo with my supervisors and thanked them for the opportunity.


Firstly, I would like to thank Vincent for giving me the opportunity in the first place to intern at Starlit Voice and for meeting with me during the weekend for a debrief.

I would also like to thank Jonathan for allowing me to assist him in his classes and to Owen who gave me multiple tasks in the office to help me expand my creative thinking.

Finally I would like to thank Jan, Lymari and Megan for helping me with tasks, allocating me work and giving me an insight into the life of a practitioner.







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