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We are very happy to introduce April Stitt, an up and coming drama and theatre arts practitioner from King George V School. Over the past few days, she’s been helping us out here at Starlit Voice, generally doing the things we don’t want to do, as part of her schools’ work experience programme. She’s been tasked with writing about her experiences, observing the daily comings and goings of the Starlit Voice team, and to share them with you. We told her to be honest. We told her not to pull any punches. We told her to show you the glaring truth. We did not threaten to put a tarantula on her face if she wrote mean things. We don’t even own a tarantula… yet. That being said, let’s have April introduce herself.


An Exciting and Insightful week into the world of Performing Arts and Theatre Arts




My name Is April Joy Stitt. I am half British and Half Filipino. I am currently studying at King George V School, and I am in Year 10. In this blog, I am going to tell you a bit about my background story, interests and goals, as well as writing about my experience working with Starlit Voice.


I was born in the Philippines and lived there for 7 years. After that, I moved to Hong Kong to study and now I’m currently living here. My everyday activities include going to school, playing volleyball, watching Netflix, going to church and of course being on social media. I play the piano and I also enjoy singing. In school, I am involved with a variety of Inter House-Activities such as, Inter-House Music, Sports activities and helping with charity works. My goals in life are, being the best person I can be and to get out of my comfort zone as well. Just be me. Along with that, I want to make my parents proud by achieving good grades in my upcoming IGCSE exams. After I finish IB exams and graduate, I want to major in Theatre Arts/Performing Arts either the UK.


Day One:


On my first day working at Starlit Voice, I was very excited and thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with such a professional team. Everyone Is so welcoming at Starlit and I feel very lucky that I get a chance to work with them and getting an insight into what the world of Performing arts and Theatre arts is like. My first task was to arrange rehearsal photos according to their themes. After that, I was assigned to design the boxes that are going to be used in the upcoming play called Timeless. During lunch, I went out for an hour and had lunch outside of the office with my friends whom I met up with. I got back from lunch break and I continued to work on the designs for the boxes. Overall, the first day was very successful and I managed to get some work done as well as help sort out some stuff.


Day two:

During my second day at Starlit, I was out of the office for the whole day with Lymari and together we went shopping for props that are going to be needed in the upcoming play. In the morning, I was given a task which was to figure out our route from Central going to Wan Chai, Causeway Bay and Quarry Bay. Even though we weren’t familiar with the directions we still managed to find the store which was called Living Plaza. After looking for the materials that are needed, myself and Lymari headed to Pacific Coffee to have a rest, cool down and get something to eat for lunch. I ordered myself a lemon tart and Lymari ordered herself a burger with coffee. After eating in Pacific Coffee we headed to Ikea to look for some more materials and furniture. Finally, after walking in the heat for some time, we made our way to Quarry Bay School to teach an after school activity. I shadowed Lymari and helped out during the games. Although this day was quite exhausting, it was an enjoyment meeting the children at Quarry Bay School and being able to work with them and not to forget the shopping part was also a highlight during my second day.

Living Plaza


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