Powering Performing Arts in Hong Kong.

We are a diverse group of highly experienced professional practitioners with backgrounds in professional theatre, television, film and education. We are connected by a shared drive, a wealth of expertise and a passion to inspire and engage creative imaginations at every level. We are a ‘creative hub’ forum where each individual can find expression with others in an exciting shared environment of progressive learning and personal development.

Need a little drama?

Drama & Theatre

you might be acting right now and not even know it. Every time you tell a joke, you’re acting a little bit. Ever give a speech? That’s acting. What about that time you had to tell your teacher that your dog ate your homework? Yup. Acting.


Public Speaking

What if you had to give a speech from memory? In front of other people!? This is literally the stuff of nightmares, the kind where you get up in front of an audience and realize that not only have you forgotten your book and your speech, but you’ve managed to forget your trousers too!


Private Lessons

Private one-to-one with a specialist practitioner is offered to help your child reach their individual goals. Working individually with specialised practitioner learners of all ages will receive tailored tuition in a whole range of presentation and performance skills.

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