Weekend Programme – Foundations




Foundations serve as an introduction into the world of theatre for young performers from age 4 to 10. We will be creating a safe space for children to discover basic theatrical elements in performance, drama and art. Our practitioners will create an immersive atmosphere to promote teamwork, nurturing social and communication skills, building self-esteem and confidence. These fundamental drama skills also become the cornerstones of life, boosting your child’s development for the future.

Foundations students will have the opportunity to devise a performance from scratch under the guidance of a theatre practitioner. This allows them the opportunity to create in a theatrical environment, going beyond the teachings of acting, inspiring them to not only be actors but theatre-makers. Each week, the students will focus on a significant aspect of theatre through a themed class.

This term, we are going to work on a one of a kind musical theatre experience with our students. But in order to make sure that students get their chance in the spotlight, we suggest that students attend as many of the classes as possible.

Ages: 5-7
Time: 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Ages: 8-11
Time: 11:00AM – 12:30PM