When genius inventor, Georgie, is kidnapped by a time travelling vagabond, it’s up to Herbert to save her and the world.

Starlit Voice and Drama School Hong Kong present Timeless, an original theatrical experience.

This audacious odyssey will take audiences to the future, the past and everywhere in between as we follow Herbert on her epic adventure. After being handed a special clock by her eccentric aunt, Wells, Herbert takes the first step into a wide and fantastical world where she meets some of history’s most famous and infamous men and women and the future’s kookiest evolutionary dropouts. With the help of her school friends, Herbert must reach Georgie in time or else risk facing a very bleak future.

Catch Timeless in a parallel universe near you. Or better yet, right here and (more importantly) now!

This grand quest through time and space features an ensemble cast of Hong Kong’s most accomplished theatre veterans and hottest emerging talent, promising a hilarious and heartwarming journey to save the world from a villainous villain capable of great… villainy.

The primary goal of this production is to showcase the talented students at Starlit Voice and to give each the opportunity to be a part of a professional stage production. Professional adult actors will portray certain roles alongside the Starlit Voice students giving them the opportunity to experience the hands-on guidance of industry experts.


9 to 10 June 2018 at 19:30


The Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity Multi-Media Theatre

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Drama School HK and Starlit Voice Students


Erica Ether, Denis Moldovean, Michael Szuc, Michael Sharmon


Micaiah Boerner as Georgie.

Directed by Owen Liggett

Written by J.M. Brink

Lymari Alberts: Stage and Set Designer

Jonathan Daly: Production Manager

Dean Lea: Sound and Lighting Technical Director

Cherrie Lau: Costume designer

Vincent Warren: Artistic Director of Starlit Voice Company

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Timeless, an original Starlit Production.

We are very excited to announce that each and every one of our students will have the opportunity to take to a professional stage in 2018. Timeless is an original Starlit Voice production starring… well… everyone. If you are registered with Starlit Voice in term 2 and 3 of 2018, you will get the chance to perform at the Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, alongside our DSHK Students, and maybe, just maybe, one or two of our very own practitioners. We have a firm belief that theatre should be an all-inclusive experience and as such we are taking strides to reignite a passion for the arts by introducing this immense and highly ambitious project. Timeless will be given to our students. That’s right. We’ll be there to guide, but in essence, this is a show by our students for the Hong Kong public. From the auditioning process to the lighting and set design, to the props and costumes, the acting, singing and dancing, all of it will be in the hands of our students. Add to that the fact that we’ll be holding auditions for professional theatre actors and you have a recipe for a very unique project; something that has rarely been seen in Hong Kong, if ever. The educational benefit of this is obvious as we allow our students to take the reins and let them make the decisions while having the added advantage of having a team of experts to help them in their endeavours.  This production will be a Sci-Fi Fantasy romp through time and space that will leave audiences breathless and make its mark in the local theatre industry as something truly timeless.

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