Private Tuition

One-to-one tailor-made tuition offered weekdays and Saturdays for adults and younger learners.

We offer:

  • initial free assessment to establish level, goals and teaching style for each individual
  • a range of skill-based tuition, including public speaking, interview techniques and voice coaching
  • LAMDA solo Communication, Performance and Musical Theatre examination packages including entry fee
  • fast-track access to the LAMDA Examination syllabus with bi-annual exams in May and December
  • adult continued education options, accessing advanced qualifications within the LAMDA Examination Syllabus
  • Hong Kong Speech Festival tuition, preparing all technical aspects of the performer’s delivery, resulting in an individual memorable performance

Private one-to-one with a specialist practitioner is offered to help your child reach their individual goals. Working individually with specialised practitioner learners of all ages will receive tailored tuition in a whole range of presentation and performance skills.  Solo LAMDA examinations are a great goal for our private students to work towards, with examination periods taking place twice a year.

Starlit Voice also offers preparation for the Hong Kong Speech Festival and can tailor tuition to the individual needs of each student.
A free assessment session between child and practitioner to best establish the level and teaching style which suits the child is offered to anyone interested in booking private classes with us.

To arrange a free consultation and assessment with one of our specialist practitioners call us on 2108 2182 or email info@starlit.hk.

Adult Continuing Education

Starlit Voice also offers bespoke programmes for adult learners, who wish to enhance and develop sought-after communication skills.

Whether your profession requires public speaking, international networking or presentation, Starlit Voice offers private classes to individuals who want to become better communicators. With all our professionally trained coaches from English speaking countries, including but not limited to, the United Kingdom, Starlit Voice is the place where adults can perfect their diction, pronunciation and accent. Giving adults a competitive edge, Starlit Voice also trains charisma skills, expressing yourself comfortably in the English language and powerful body language.

We also offer private acting classes for anyone who wants to explore the world of drama and theatre. A great way to stay inspired and to develop skills that can equip your future in professional areas of your career.

To arrange a free consultation and assessment with one of our specialist practitioners call us on 2108 2182, or REGISTER HERE.