When and Where?

This series will take place at Kellett School, Kowloon Bay.

Kellett, Kowloon Bay

Dates for our Kellett, Kowloon Bay Venue

July 2 – 6

July 8 – 12

July 29 – Aug 2

Aug 5 – 9

Individual Price: HKD3203

Double Price: HKD5200

NOTE: Special Discounts available for double bookings

The Blockbuster Project

A Series of "Play in a Week" workshops based on the stories you love!

This summer Starlit Voice will be taking you an adventure! Well, a bunch of adventures actually. This summer we will be offering a series of workshops inspired by some of the world’s most beloved stories, movies and books.

These week-long workshops will open a world of dramatic wonder as we challenge students to create a whole play in just 5 days! And what would a play be without an audience. At the end of the week, students will have the opportunity to show off all their hard work with a showcase performance.

Students will have the option of a number of different plays, each handcrafted and lovingly put together to maximise the fun while at the same time enabling students to hone their performance skills.

Starlit Voice presents six original scripts inspired by the worlds of Pokémon, Toy Story, Avengers, King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, Artemis Fowl and Dora the Explorer.

HONG KONG’S LEADING PERFORMANCE PRACTITIONERS aim to boost confidence, enrich communication skills and celebrate collaboration.

Become the character you always wanted to be by taking our crash course in Theatre. Spend a week learning to strut your stuff with culminating in a unique group performance.

Which role will you play? Superhero, Explorer, Spy, Elf, Mage, Goblin, Knight, Trainer of magical beast and many more… There’s a part for everyone!

Take a look below for further details.  

Age 4 - 6

Pip is the only superhero who hasn’t found his power yet, but he doesn’t let it get him down. He and his super-friends work together to save the world one more time, working out what makes each of them special along the way.
Alex and Luca are a brother and sister with a talent for exploring! Join them as they adventure through the Arctic, the jungle and a dragon’s lair on their quest to get all their chores done before Mum comes home!

Age 7 - 10

After a period of war, the kingdom is left without a ruler and with a challenge – the first to pull the magical sword from the stone will be crowned king. Knights, farmers, blacksmiths – people come from miles around and all walks of life hoping to be the lucky chosen one, but no one suspects Arthur, the eccentric old inventor’s assistant…
Lally is the only child of two scientists who have just discovered a rare firebird egg, changing their lives forever. She befriends nurtures and trains her firebird – a rare creature with flaming wings, a temper and a cheeky side – for the Big City Championship, but will their hard work pay off?

Age 11 - 14

Oscar Trilby – aka the Boy in the Brown Boots, aka Inspector Short Stuff, aka the best teenage super-spy detective in New York – has a new case, and it is a thinker. Together with his team, Oscar will have to use all his sleuthing prowess to solve the elusive Mister Y’s riddles, but will he crack the case in time to save the day?
Long ago, there was a land named Æquestat – a place of balance, where everyone (elves, mages, gnomes, immortals, leaders and goblins) knew their role and liked it that way. That is, until a terrible earthquake disrupts the equilibrium. How will peoples with nothing in common except the realm they live in fare when forced to work together for once?


Well, that’s simple.

All the plays above are divided by age. Pick an age group and then select the play that speaks to you the most!

Kellett, Kowloon Bay

Individual Price: HKD3203

Double Price: HKD5200

NOTE: Special Discounts available for double bookings

Special prices are available for pair bookigs and group bookings for groups of five or more!*

*(Offer only available at our Kellett, Kowloon Bay Venue)

For large group bookings of five and more...

Please contact us for a quote at info@starlit.hk or owen.liggett@starlit.hk