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Summer Workshops

A series of "play in a week" workshops based on the stories you love!

West End Stage

Musical Theatre Masterclass for ages 10 to 25

We are a diverse group of highly experienced professional practitioners with backgrounds in professional theatre, television, film and education. We are connected by a shared drive, a wealth of expertise and a passion to inspire and engage creative imaginations at every level. We are a ‘creative hub’ forum where each individual can find expression with others in an exciting shared environment of progressive learning and personal development.

Our Inner Monologue

Some very kind words.

Meet Juhi Naresh Gangaramani. She’s come to our office to help out. Over a period of 5 days, she packed, stacked, read, wrote, travelled the length

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A special thanks.

If it wasn’t caught on camera, it never happened. As such, we have to extend a special thanks to our very own Jaden Tsui, his

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Here’s Calyn!

At Starlit Voice, we take pride in our work experience programme. We don’t feed any of our “volunteers” to ravenous geese and we haven’t had

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Timeless, Sc 13-14

Huzzah! We have officially had our last curtain call of Timeless! We have all had an amazing time working and being apart of this fantastic

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Timeless, Sc 11 – 12

Less than a week! It’s less than a week till the curtains rise on a thing so wonderful, so magnificent, so outrageously spectacular that we

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It’s still April!

Yes, yes, we know the calendar says July, but to us, it’s still April! Our intrepid young intern writes about her exhilarating, wonderful, marvellous final

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