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Summer Workshops

A series of "play in a week" workshops based on the stories you love!

West End Stage

Musical Theatre Masterclass for ages 10 to 25

We are a diverse group of highly experienced professional practitioners with backgrounds in professional theatre, television, film and education. We are connected by a shared drive, a wealth of expertise and a passion to inspire and engage creative imaginations at every level. We are a ‘creative hub’ forum where each individual can find expression with others in an exciting shared environment of progressive learning and personal development.

Our Inner Monologue

What to see in Hong Kong

It’s also important to read as much as you can, and see and experience as much art as you can. Go to art galleries, and to the cinema and to the theatre.

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Why is Drama Important?

Being able to express and experience a range of different emotions in a safe and supportive environment can be incredibly satisfying and fulfilling.

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Inspiring Creativity

“It’s a fun, safe way for children to explore their own thoughts and feelings, delve into their own potential and push themselves to reach a deeper understanding of who they are.”

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The Return of the Rogue Child

So apparently, Starlit Voice had a magical crystal that they put away with their props, and apparently I wasn’t supposed to touch it. So I’m back for another month of “work experience” while they lift the curse. In the meantime, I had fun helping around! 

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DSHK is going international

Drama School Hong Kong is being brought to Thailand! This year, we join forces with Traidhos Three Generation Camps to deliver a specialized drama and

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