Auditions for DSHK Company will be held on 25 August 2018.
HKSMSA Speech Festival
Boy, do we have news for you!
Sneak Peak...
Here we find Jonathan, Megan and Jan observing "an internet."
Results for the May/June LAMDA exam are out. Congratulations to all our students!
Catch the Timeless Documentary here.
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We are a diverse group of highly experienced professional practitioners with backgrounds in professional theatre, television, film and education. We are connected by a shared drive, a wealth of expertise and a passion to inspire and engage creative imaginations at every level. We are a ‘creative hub’ forum where each individual can find expression with others in an exciting shared environment of progressive learning and personal development.

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For more info about vacancies, work experience placement or our numerous collaborative projects, simply mail us at info@starlit.hk

Our Inner Monologue

Timeless, Sc 11 – 12

Less than a week! It’s less than a week till the curtains rise on a thing so wonderful, so magnificent, so outrageously spectacular that we

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It’s still April!

Yes, yes, we know the calendar says July, but to us, it’s still April! Our intrepid young intern writes about her exhilarating, wonderful, marvellous final

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Timeless, Sc 9 – 10

Plato once said, “There is no harm in repeating a good thing.” Then again, he also said, that humans are just featherless bipeds. So while

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Timeless, Sc 7-8

Here are the next couple of scenes from Timeless. If you haven’t read the previous scenes you can find them here, here and here. Chapter

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Say Hello to April

We are very happy to introduce April Stitt, an up and coming drama and theatre arts practitioner from King George V School. Over the past

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