Owen  is a professional Actor Musician graduating with a BA (Hons) in Actor Musicianship from Rose Bruford College, one of the UK’s leading Drama schools, one of only six with gold status in Teaching Excellence Framework 2017. Since graduating he has worked as an Actor Musician in various professional productions across the UK, credits including, Medea (working alongside Writer and Director Edward Bond), Fables For a Boy, Sleeping Beauty, Britain Limited (Theatre ad-infinitum), Songs for a New World, The Wall (Radio Play), Today, Julius Caesar, Pericles, Elijah’s Violin, The Trial, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Punk Rock. Owen is a Grade 8 instrumentalist with Trumpet as his main instrument. Owen has varied experience in the education sector. He has worked at a specialist SEN school for the severely autistic and other mainstream schools across London. Owen is a fully qualified RYA Dinghy Instructor with over 6 years of experience. More recently he has worked as a Drama Practitioner in Beijing developing new large-scale productions for various local and international schools, including work on a performance for the BRICS conference 2017. His specialities are Music and Physical theatre.

- Noel Coward

Frequently Asked Questions

Favourite food. – Peeking Duck (Spelt wrong I know. As a child I always thought it was a just a particularly curious duck)

Favourite Colour. – Blue

Cats or Dogs or Neither? – Definitely Dogs

Would you like to go to space? – I would go to a parallel universe, are the light switches all on the opposite side of the room?

Have you ever eaten a raw chilli? – Many a time, Love a challenge, Bring it on!

Do you believe aliens exist? – Shhh, I secretly am one. But don’t tell anyone.

Have you ever broken a bone? – Somebody broke my heart bone once.

Favorite character played on stage/screen. – Joseph K (The Trial)

Character you would like to play on stage/screen. – Pah, I never know the answer to this.

What is your speciality? – Musicianship

Are you good at chess? – Best if you check with my mate.

Do you now, or have you ever owned/ridden a motorcycle? – Aprilia RX 50 baby! Forgive me I was 16 and reckless #stillmissitsecretly

Favorite place in Hong Kong. – Cheung Chau (For the Windsurfing!)

Favorite place in your home country. – Home

What can you never go without? – My Trumpet

What is your special talent? – I do an incredible Louis Armstrong impression.


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