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Sustainable Theatre

In fact it makes theatre even more exciting when you can find ways to reduce waste, reuse your resources time and time again, and utilize recyclable materials.

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Preparing for an Audition

When you are going for auditions you want producers or talent scouts to be able to see you perform a piece that helps them imagine roles and characters that they could cast you in.

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Inspiring Creativity

“It’s a fun, safe way for children to explore their own thoughts and feelings, delve into their own potential and push themselves to reach a deeper understanding of who they are.”

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The Return of the Rogue Child

So apparently, Starlit Voice had a magical crystal that they put away with their props, and apparently I wasn’t supposed to touch it. So I’m back for another month of “work experience” while they lift the curse. In the meantime, I had fun helping around! 

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Here’s Calyn!

At Starlit Voice, we take pride in our work experience programme. We don’t feed any of our “volunteers” to ravenous geese and we haven’t had

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