Our Classes

Our programmes are infused with an incredible sense of energy and creativity and are delivered by highly skilled and passionate practitioners drawing upon a wealth of drama and performing arts experience. We develop the confidence of each individual learner and give them the platform to express their own unique ideas while developing and nurturing the essential skills needed to work with others.

Starlit Voice provides integrated LAMDA Performance and Communication Programmes to ensure that students are rewarded with an international qualification. We embrace the examination process as another opportunity for students to share their creativity with others while keeping the experience as enjoyable as any class activity.

After School Activities

Starlit Voice works in partnership with schools and centres across Hong Kong. We deliver engaging and progressive extracurricular programmes in drama and performing arts which form a vital part of any young learners’ educational and personal development. 

Drama School Hong Kong

At DSHK performers can continue their journey with the performing arts and take their passion and talent to the next level. 

Private Classes

Working individually with a specialised practitioner, learners of all ages will receive tailored tuition in a whole range of presentation and performance skills.

Holiday Workshops

We have loads of exciting summer programmes to keep the drama super dramatic over the holidays! 

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