3RD OF JULY 2021

10am to 4pm

How to get here from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station

10/f, Knutsford Commercial Building, 4-5 Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui

You can expect a day full of dramatic fun at our second open day! Explore our brand new studio in Tsim Sha Tsui, take part in a trial lesson and relax as one of our practitioners performs one of your favorite stories! There will be loads of giveaways and exclusive discounts for our classes, workshops and more!

Join us for trial lessons

Magical Tales Ages 3 to 5

Our long-running Magical Tales course is popular with young ones who enjoy all things that spark joy and wonder. This Open Day, we’re inviting you for some crafts, interactive storytelling, and performance-focused games. 我們的”小演員大舞台”今年繼續以魔法世界做主題,探索不同奇幻故事。我們誠邀你在開放日與我們一起體驗劇場遊戲,講故事和做手工。

Limitless Learning Ages 6 to 12

Our newest course combines our curiosity for the sciences and humanities with our love for the theatre. This Open Day, be inspired by the ecology of Hong Kong's beaches! We'll discover some of the amazing wildlife living on our shores, and then create a short play! “突破知識界限” 融入科學及人文學科的知識在劇本上,觸發學生想探究知識的好奇心。今個開放日,我們將會探索香港海岸線上的生物,然後把不同元素呈現到舞台上,一起來玩啦!

Advanced Performance Ages 13 and up

This course is for the experienced performing arts student, as well as the really curious and adventurous. Advanced Performance equips students with stage skills, acting techniques and theatre history knowledge. This Open Day, we’ll try out a monologue, share some script analysis tips, and work through performance notes. 此課程專門訓練有志投入表演圈既學生,我們會從傳統和現代戲劇,探究關於進階戲劇,音樂劇和一切表演的元素。在開放日,我們會研究怎樣才能創作到一份好的劇本!


Students between the ages of 3 and 5 can join us for lessons, crafts and story telling during the Magical Tales timeslots.

Registration for our open day is closed due to high interest.

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We teach, we act, we sing, we dance because we love what we do and we love what we do because we are good at it. Each and everyone of us at Starlit Voice has a deep passion for art in all its forms, performance and otherwise. That passion drove us to work, day in and day out, to become the very best we can be in our respective fields. And we never stop working. We never stop learning or growing as professional arts practitioners. Each day presents new opportunities to hone our craft. We are all driven by a near-visceral need to experiment; we are motivated by curiosity and a fundamental necessity to explore and challenge the established conventions of the arts industry. We love asking “what if?”


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