Megan graduated from Stageworld Theatre School in Port Elizabeth, South Africa with her ATCL in both Musical Theatre and Speech & Drama.

With a strong love for everything dramatic from Shakespeare to Sondheim, she played in various children’s theatre, dramatic and musical theatre productions during her time in PE before being selected to work with the Ubom! Eastern Cape Drama Co. under the artistic direction of Janet Buckland in 2013.

A versatile and dynamic performer with experience in clowning, improvisation, physical theatre, puppetry, mask work, devising and workshop facilitation, she has played in shows such as Hanamichi, Freckleface Strawberry: The Musical, Simply Broadway, Shrek Jr the Musical and most recently, in a National Children’s Theatre production of Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra.

She is a storyteller at heart and brings with her a quirky sense of humour, curiosity and boundless energy.

When not blinded by the stage lights, Megan loves to go hiking, manage social media pages and write songs on her guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Favourite food. 


Favourite colour.

Rainbow 😅

Cats, dogs or neither.


Would you like to go to Space (If yes, why and where?) 

Yes, I’d like to go to Pluto to give it a hug to warm its cold cold heart since it got demoted as a planet

Have you ever eaten a raw chilli?

Nope, never will, my tolerance for hot food is embarrassingly low

Do you believe aliens exist?


Have you ever broken a bone?

I have fractured a metatarsal in my left foot.

Favourite character played on stage/screen.

Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical 🐸

Character you would like to play on stage/screen.

Fosca in Passion

What is your speciality? 

I’ve worked mainly in children’s theatre – I decided after studying that it was something I wanted to specialize in since it is often considered to be less important than mainstream theatre, but there is a huge responsibility in developing audiences and respecting young audiences by producing quality work for them. Technically speaking, I am quite versatile, but I find that I apply principles of clowning in practically everything I do.

Are you good at chess?

Uhm, I know how the pieces are supposed to move…

Do you now, or have you ever owned/ridden a motorcycle?


Favourite place in Hong Kong.

I don’t know yet

Favourite place in your home country.

Golden Gate National Park in the Free State

What can you never go without?

A notebook and pen for musings and ideas.

What is your special talent?


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