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Lymari Alberts:

Lymari is a South African theatre practitioner with a wide variety of industry experience. After having successfully completed her studies at the University of the Free State, with a degree in Drama and Theatre Arts and three awards for outstanding creative, academic and technical contributions, she joined the theatre and television industry in Johannesburg. She has worked for multiple theatre and television production companies since 2014. Lymari took on the role of a production assistant on the hit MTV ZA series yougotgot, not only working behind the scenes but also as an occasional onscreen prankster. In her time as an actor, she has performed on the stage at every major arts festival in South Africa. She made her television debut playing Megan on Jongo, South Africa’s first superhero television series. Lymari established her own theatre company, Masketeer Productions, where she ventured into producing and directing. Lymari is also an award-winning set designer.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Favorite food.

Indian Buffet, the kind that will prevent you from doing anything productive for hours after.

Favorite colour.


Cats, dogs or neither.

Both!  But only SPCA cross-breeds, or “pavement specials” as we call them in South Africa.

Would you like to go to Space?

Yes.  I’d very much like to go to Saturn. Someone must have liked visiting Saturn so much, that they put a ring on it.  Fun fact: did you know that it rains diamonds on Saturn?

Have you ever eaten a raw chilli?

Yes!  Is that a dare?

Do you believe aliens exist?

Yes, aliens definitely exist.  I work with one. Teacher Owen is an alien.

Have you ever broken a bone?

I broke my left arm four times.  The last time I was a second-year drama student at the university.  We had to fight against imaginary ninjas and I had two ninjas coming for me from both sides.  Needless to say, I lost the battle trying to double front snap kick.

Favourite character played on stage/screen.

Mimi in my one-woman show, Mooi Annie.  Like the production, the character changed every time it was staged and was the biggest learning curve in my acting career.

Character you would like to play on stage/screen.

That is a very insignificant question to ask a formidable actress, such as I… just kidding… Totally like playing the villain.

What is your speciality? 

Conceptualizing, theatre design and producing.

Are you good at chess?

I asked the zebra,

Are you black with white stripes?

Or white with black stripes?

And the zebra asked me,

Are you good with bad habits?

Or are you bad with good habits?

Are you noisy with quiet times?

Or are you quiet with noisy times?

Are you happy with some sad days?

Or are you sad with some happy days?

Are you neat with some sloppy ways?

Or are you sloppy with some neat ways?

And on and on and on and on

And on and on he went.

I’ll never ask a zebra

About striped


by Shel Silverstein

Do you now, or have you ever owned/ridden a motorcycle?

Only a moped!  And I loved it! It felt so liberating going 20 km/h!

Favorite place in Hong Kong.

The 18:30 ferry from Central to Mui Wo, Lantau Island.

Favorite place in your home country.

Meiringspoort Waterfall, South Africa.

What can you never go without?


What is your special talent?

My knees make clicking sounds every time I bend them.  Every. Single. Time.  I blame the imaginary ninjas for that too!


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