Congratulations Starlit Voice learners!

Your LAMDA qualification certificate proves that you have:

  • developed your creative thinking and individual artistry
  • demonstrated improved self-confidence and communication skills
  • developed the life skills they need to be a success and skills for life
  • worked as a team player and recognised the encomplishments of each individual


We are extremely proud of our learners!

Just to show you how well they did here are some statistics:

  • 95% of all exams taken scored a merit or distinction grade
  • 77 learners achieved a distinction
  • 8 learners scored 100 out of 100
  • 154 of 156 learners scored a merit or distinction

These are impressive figures. Well done!

The deadline to register for our next LAMDA examination period in May is 27 February 2017. Register by emailing hannah.roberts@starlit.hk

If your child participated in a LAMDA exam in December 2016, and are yet to hear from us about the outcome of the exam, please email hannah.roberts@starlit.hk.

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