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Reading is fun. But what if you had to do it out loud? In front of other people? What if you had to give a speech from memory? In front of other people!? This is literally the stuff of nightmares, the kind where you get up in front of an audience and realize that not only have you forgotten your book and your speech, but you’ve managed to forget your trousers too!

Not to worry! With the LAMDA Graded Examinations in Communication, presented by Starlit Voice, you’ll have a silver tongue faster than you can say “where are my trousers?”

The LAMDA Graded Examinations in Communication consists of three programmes:

  1. Speaking Verse and Prose
  2. Reading for Performance
  3. Speaking in Public

In a nutshell, depending on the chosen course, students will learn how to use their voices to communicate an idea through a strong grasp of diction, vocal projection and clarity of voice, while learning to use posture and body language to better get the message across. They will develop a deep understanding of the given literature and the ability to interpret any other they may come across in future.

Through these lessons, students will learn a plethora (fancy word for “a lot”) of skills to help them find their inner voice and use it confidently. We live in a fast paced world where communication is key, and the key to communication is understanding. Starlit Voice is committed to your long term powers of persuasive eloquence.


Venues, Dates:

Kannis’s Music 屯門中央廣場2220室  (Rm 2220 Centre Square Tuen Mun )

10am – 11am
11am – 12pm
12pm – 1pm

January 13, 20, 27

February 3, 10, 24

March 3, 10, 17, 24


HKD4000 (10 Lessons)



For more information please click:

Here (Speaking Verse and Prose)

Here (Reading for Performance)


Here (Speaking in Public)


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