Jan is a native South African theatre maker and dramatist. He has worked extensively in the entertainment industry since 2009 earning him a number of years of hands-on, practical experience ranging from set and lighting design, to acting and producing, but with a significant emphasis on directing and writing. This experience has also placed him at the head of the classroom, training secondary and tertiary level students the fundamentals of theatre. His expertise brought him to stages all across South Africa portraying roles in local and international classics and contemporary pieces. His work has also been awarded a number of times, most recently with the Best Upcoming Talent award for his role in Lungs in 2016 and The Award for Best Debut Production for Sarah in 2017, which Jan wrote. Before leaving for Hong Kong, Jan specialized in the creation of educational theatre aimed at teaching primary school children poetry, prose and communication skills through the medium of theatre. He now calls Hong Kong home and hopes to impart some of his experience to a younger generation of theatre lovers.

- Noel Coward

Frequently Asked Questions

Favorite food. – Cheese. And Garlic. They are not mutually exclusive, but they can be.

Favorite colour. – Gray

Cats, dogs or neither. – Cats.

Would you like to go to Space? – Yes, but I would like to come back. If I can’t come back, then somewhere nice, like Jupiter. I hear the weather is nice.

Have you ever eaten a raw chilli? – Yes. And I would do it again.

Do you believe aliens exist? – We’re all aliens to someone.

Have you ever broken a bone? – I stubbed my small toe on a table leg and cracked it a little.

Favorite character played on stage/screen. – M in Lungs.

Character you would like to play on stage/screen. – Darth Vader

What is your speciality? – I am a dramatist. That’s a fancy word for someone who writes plays.

Are you good at chess? – No. But I am amazing at Xbox.

Do you now, or have you ever owned/ridden a motorcycle? – Once. Never again. We don’t need to talk about it.

Favorite place in Hong Kong. – 18:30 Ferry from Central to Mui Wo.

Favorite place in your home country. – My mothers’ house.

What can you never go without? – A sense of humour. Albeit a dark one.

What is your special talent? – I can sleep through almost anything. I can prove it right now if you’d like.


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