It’s still April!

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April 2

Yes, yes, we know the calendar says July, but to us, it’s still April! Our intrepid young intern writes about her exhilarating, wonderful, marvellous final days with us. You can trust April. She isn’t even a little bit under duress. But don’t take our word for it. Let her tell you herself.


Day three:

On Wednesday, I continued to work on the props and helping make the tree trunks for the play and I did that for a couple of hours which was very helpful to Lymari and I was glad that I was able to lend a hand to her. I also helped assist Jan in captioning the pictures and helping with the blog, etc. In the afternoon, Vincent and I made our way to Kellet School to teach an afterschool activity. I met a drama teacher called Sally and the first thing she noticed was my teeth and she said “You’ve got nice teeth”, I was very surprised because I don’t usually get complimented on my teeth. In Kellet, we played various games with the children and I also observed how Vincent assisted the children with their monologues for their upcoming LAMDA examinations. Generally, this day for me was very calm except for when I met the children at Kellet. They were so full of energy and so hype which was very entertaining for me to watch and experience.

Day four:

The fourth day was very lively and thrilling as Jonathan and I went to the Peak School to teach a drama class. In the Drama class, I participated in the activities as well as helped the children with their tasks. We played Physical activities that are to do with concentration and using your body while performing on stage. The children were adorable, friendly and full of energy. As well as that, the view up the Peak was stunning and breathtaking. In the morning, It was very quiet, peaceful and calm as I continued the work I was doing yesterday which was helping with the tree trunks and I still have more to do. Jonathan also explained and described his role in the company and what he does and It is more complex than I expected as he needs to do a lot of planning, scheduling and organizing for productions. He showed me step by step what he has to do and It was very useful for me and It will definitely help me in the long run. As well as that, I was also shown facilities and locations where rehearsals are held, registrations and timetables. A takeaway from this day is that being in a team and building that teamwork is very important and crucial as you all have to communicate and coordinate with each other especially If you have different roles and If you want to achieve something and do well at it.

Last day:

Yesterday was my last day, and It was a real shame because I had a delightful and terrific time working with the Starlit team. As for the morning, I did the same task as I did on Wednesday and Thursday. A while later, Vince called the team to have a meeting in the boardroom, and I was not expecting to be called in as well, but I was, which took me by surprise. When we were all in the boardroom, Vince handed me a gift which I wasn’t expecting. It was a very kind gesture of everyone, and It will be an experience that I won’t forget. In the afternoon, the team and I made our way to Kellet School In Pok Fu Lam where I lent a hand to Jonathan. The class was split into two different groups. One group was with me, and one group was with Jonathan. Both Jonathan and I helped the children with their monologues for their upcoming LAMDA exams. The children were definitely a handful to work with, and It was a struggle at times, but we managed to keep them under control. It was a great way to end the week for me. Working with the children was the highlight of my week at Starlit. It was a very memorable experience for me. If there is one thing that I’d take away from the experience is that teaching and being a teacher is definitely not my cup of tea. Taking everything into account, this week has been a wonderful experience. It was such a pleasure working with the Starlit team, and I have learned so so much about Performing Arts and that there are more aspects of Performing Arts, not just the acting side.


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