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Three Long Days

Five stereotypical teens are locked in a room for three days as part of “Big Brother” style contest. With their every move watched and recorded for public display, will these teens come to terms with their pasts or will they be at each others throats before three days are over. Written by Gillete Elvgren, with Sara House, Rafa Santos, Marcus Yan, Danica Agoncillo and Kimmi Lynn. Directed by the cast.


Latin - Undefeated/unconquered

A new and intensive youth theatre collective aimed at the education and development of the next generation of cutting edge theatre makers.

Invicta is the veritable skunk works of Starlit Voice where we encourage members to see beyond the norms of theatre and delve into the unconventional. Each three hour session is dedicated to rehearsals and specialized workshops as we believe in a practical approach to creating theatre. Our curriculum runs in conjunction with current theatre trends so as to allow students to explore not only the age old fundamentals of theatre creation, but more importantly, contemporary artists and techniques. We consider it our duty to allow students to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions in an environment where eccentric creativity is encouraged.

Invicta is, at it’s core, a youth theatre company meaning members of the company are required to select, produce and stage plays of their choosing. This means that each member will be responsible for script writing or selection, set, costume and prop design, sourcing of materials, lighting and sound design, budgeting and marketing and, ultimately, performance.

We push company members to have a hand in all aspects of theatre creation and production as we believe in giving them as much professional experience as possible before they head off into careers of their own.

As membership of the company is free of charge, we only accept the most dedicated students and spots are only available by audition or invitation. If you are interested in joining the most progressive youth theatre company in Hong Kong, please feel free to get in touch for details about our next audition cycle.

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Company Members

Sara House
Hey everyone. The name's House, Sara House. Yep, you heard that right. I'm Invicta's designated jokester. Cause I'm funny. aha. aha. ha. I love performing, be it with my bass or dancing with the grandma squad. My character, Colby who you'll soon meet in our play; Three Long Days, has a very special hobby. She greatly enjoys reading poetry, written by the one and only love of her life, Jenna. P.S. Don't listen to Rafa P.P.S. have rat
Rafa Santos
Christian feller, and as the cool person in Invicta, I do train myself in cool school where I learn all things cool. Glad I am part of this group where I can do all this for the glory of God.
Marcus Yan
My name is Marcus Yan. I am a diehard Liverpool fan and a history nerd. I also enjoy music. I am playing Jonathan in ‘Three Long Days’. He is a hardworking character that managed to get into Duke University.
Kimmi Lynn
Hey everyone what’s good! My name is Kimmi and I’m 15 years old. I’m sassy, classy and a bit bad assy. I’m a proud supporter of messy hair and sweatpants. Happy girls are the prettiest. Also me: I’d like to buy this whole basket of makeup please. I look like a cinnamon roll but I could actually kill you. Keep that in mind before you hmu xx But at the same time I love everyone to bits xx muah
Danica Agoncillo
Hi! My name is Danica and I play Jenna in three long days. Her passions include invading people’s personal space, resisting the urge to snap everyone’s necks, doing witchcraft, and reading morbid books about homicide. My passions include acting, singing, and never shutting up about Broadway musicals. I love being on stage and performing. Jenna would say she hates Colby with a seething passion, but I would say otherwise. (PS. Don’t listen to Rafa. He’s super lame.)

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We teach, we act, we sing, we dance because we love what we do and we love what we do because we are good at it. Each and everyone of us at Starlit Voice has a deep passion for art in all its forms, performance and otherwise. That passion drove us to work, day in and day out, to become the very best we can be in our respective fields. And we never stop working. We never stop learning or growing as professional arts practitioners. Each day presents new opportunities to hone our craft. We are all driven by a near-visceral need to experiment; we are motivated by curiosity and a fundamental necessity to explore and challenge the established conventions of the arts industry. We love asking “what if?”


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