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At Starlit Voice, we take pride in our work experience programme. We don’t feed any of our “volunteers” to ravenous geese and we haven’t had a workplace “accident” in months.

And since Calyn Da Silva has kindly “volunteered” to tell you all about how great it is to work with us, we won’t tell you about any of the office equipment she broke.

All joking aside, we would like to extend a special thanks to Calyn for all her hard work over the week she was with us. Those documents could not have scanned themselves.


Work Experience

by Calyn Da Silva

For my work experience week, I decided to work with Starlit Voice.

I wanted to do this so that I could learn more about the “behind the scenes” elements of theatre.

I have been a member of DSHK since it started. Over time the members of the company have all become friends and have loads of fun putting on productions. I have seen the sides of theatre from the perspective of an actor and was interested in seeing it from the perspective of other roles in theatre.

The weekend before last (9 and 10 June) DSHK put on the production of Timeless in the Lee Shau Kee (School of Creativity) Theatre. The script was written by Jan Brink who was also partly handling my work experience this week. I helped out not only as an actor but also backstage with lighting, sound, costume and set design. It was really cool to see lots of different elements that made up the production all come together on opening night.


One of my first jobs, post-Timeless, was to scan some drama anthologies. If you don’t already know, they are at least 300 pages long each and it takes you forever to find the piece that you are doing for an exam. This took a long time and I spent most of the morning scanning it in.

After timeless was finished one of my tasks was to create a SWOT analysis of timeless.

Another task that they gave me was to write a small summary paragraph and choose a photo to use for their next blog post. I also learnt how to edit the website through WordPress.

As they were post-production, they were beginning to prepare for their next projects which are their summer programs. For ages 8-18 they are bringing out actors from the West End in London to teach workshops on a 6-day course. But in order to get people to join, advertising is crucial. While there, I wrote an advert about West End Stage that will be translated into Chinese and featured in an Ad on Instagram

For the younger years, they have decided to do the program “Mr Men Madness.” This meant coming up with games and activities related to Mr Men for children ages 3-5. This meant reading a copious amount of Mr Men books until I came up with ideas for games for small children.

After coming up with Mr Men games I was asked to read some plays to see if they would be appropriate choices for DSHK next term. One of the plays that I read was very interesting as it is about subjects that do not regularly get talked about in the media or in society.

Along with everything else on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after the production on Saturday and Sunday, I helped out at some drama classes in schools. I went with some of the practitioners to places like Quarry Bay School and German Swiss International School even making a trip out to Tuen Mun to Harrow International School and played drama games like splat and zip zap boing with kids from ages 6-11.

In all, I had a great experience learning how to work as part of their team and also the in and outs of working in a production company.

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