First Steps Enrolment

FIRST STEPS DRAMA ages 2.5-4 | 英語親子戲劇班 2.5-4 歲 In these early years, children begin to discover their own imaginations and pretend play becomes more sophisticated. The First Steps Drama programme creates a perfect initial platform using storytelling, fantasy play and puppets to motivate children to work together towards a common goal. First Steps Drama lays a solid foundation for creative thinking and the ability to coherently articulate their ideas in a fun and exciting creative environment. Class Duration : 1 hour Duration : 12 weeks 親子戲劇班將充滿創意的戲劇世界帶給充滿好奇心小朋友們。讓年紀輕輕輕的表演者們通過戲劇學習自信和表演, 為未來人生打下紮實的基礎。

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