Starlit Voice Ltd. Privacy Policy

(A) Statement of policy

Privacy policy statement

Starlit Voice Ltd. respects personal data and is committed to complying with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486). You may be invited to provide personal data to Starlit Voice Ltd. on a voluntary basis. Personal data are kept for the fulfillment of the purpose or its directly related purpose for which the data are used.

(B) Statement of practice

Kinds of Personal Data Held & Main Purposes of keeping Personal Data

There are five general categories of personal data held by Starlit Voice:

  1. Student Information
    Student information, which includes information supplied by students and parents, is collected in connection with student application for admission, for registration, academic, administrative, research, statistical and marketing purposes for Starlit Voice Ltd. Student records are kept for purposes that include corresponding with, responding to and taking follow-up actions in respect of students, contacts and communications activities. The data will be solely handled by Starlit Voice Ltd. staff but may be disseminated to an authorized third party providing services to Starlit Voice Ltd, in relation to the above purposes, other purposes as allowed by Starlit Voice Ltd. or as required by the law from time to time. These third parties include organizations such as local and overseas educational institutions, examination authorities and government departments.
  2. Personnel Information
    Personnel information, which includes personal particulars, job descriptions, details of compensation and benefits, performance appraisals, references and disciplinary matters relating to job applicants, employees and former employees of Starlit Voice Ltd. Personnel records of employees are kept for human resource management purposes, relating to matters such as employees’ terms of employment, performance appraisal, providing references, professional development, discipline and termination.
  3. Other Records
    Other records, which include administration and other files, contain personal data provided to Starlit Voice Ltd. by individuals for purposes other than those connected with students, contacts, communications or employment. Other records are kept to enable Starlit Voice Ltd. to carry out various functions and activities which vary according to the nature of the purpose for which such records are to be used, including the administration of Starlit Voice Ltd. functions and activities, seeking advice on operational matters, undertaking communications and training activities organized by, or on behalf of, Starlit Voice Ltd, including the acquisition of services and handling of enquiries from members of the public.
  4. Visual Materials
    Starlit Voice Ltd. may take photos and videos of students within the classroom and at school related events. Starlit Voice Ltd. will use the visual material(s) – including any images, video, text, photographs, graphics or audio to enable Starlit Voice Ltd staff and members of the public to have a better understanding of how students are learning, and for the purpose of promoting Starlit Voice Ltd. activities. This may include placing visual material(s) in Starlit Voice Ltd publications, on our website and in our promotional materials. In addition, Starlit Voice Ltd. may also place visual material(s) on third party websites such as Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube which allow for other third parties to display or embed visual material(s) from these websites on any other website.
  5. Records collected on webservers
    Records collected on webservers, which include email addresses (whereas they constitute personal data under specific circumstances that the addresses can be used to identify an individual) collected for newsletter subscription. Records collected on webservers are kept for the purpose of sending newsletters to subscribers registered through the websites.

Protection measures
Starlit Voice Ltd. takes appropriate steps to protect the personal data we hold against loss, unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure.

Disclosure of personal data
Unless permitted or required by law, Starlit Voice Ltd. will not disclose any personal data to any third parties without prior written consent.

Right of access and correction

Under the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, individuals have the right to request access to and correction of their personal data. Should you wish to access or correct your personal information held by us, please send your enquiry or request to Starlit Voice Ltd. by post, by email or by fax.

Data protection issues/enquiries

Issues/enquiries should be addressed to Starlit Voice Ltd. as follows:

By Mail

1003 Knutsford Commercial Building, Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Hong Kong

By Email

Please send to

By Fax

Please send to +852 2895 2187