Starlit Voice Ltd.
Child Protection
& Safeguarding

Code of Conduct

  1. Starlit Voice Ltd. is committed to the safety and protection of pupils. This Code of Conduct applies to all members of staff, external contractors, volunteers and guests of Starlit Voice Ltd. and those who interact with pupils in both a direct and/or unsupervised capacity.
  2. This Code of Conduct applies to both the public and private conduct of those acting on behalf of Starlit Voice Ltd. We must, at all times, be aware of the responsibilities that accompany our work in both professional and private life.
  3. We should be aware of our own and other persons’ vulnerability, especially when working alone with pupils, and be particularly aware that we are responsible for maintaining physical, emotional, and sexual boundaries in such interactions. We must avoid any covert or overt sexual behaviours with those for whom we have responsibility. This includes speech or gestures as well as physical contact that exploits, abuses, or harasses.
  4. We must show prudent discretion before touching a pupil, and be aware of how physical touch may be perceived or received, and whether it would be appropriate.
  5. Starlit Voice Ltd. staff and volunteers are prohibited at all times from physically disciplining a child.
  6. Physical contact with pupils can be misconstrued both by the recipient and by those who observe it, and should occur only when completely non-sexual and otherwise appropriate.
  7. One-on-one meetings with a pupil are best held in a public area; in a room where the interaction can be (or is being) observed; or in a room with the door left open or which has glass walls, and another staff member is notified about the meeting.
  8. We must always intervene when there is evidence of, or there is reasonable cause to suspect, that pupils are being abused in any way. Suspected abuse or neglect must be reported to the appropriate Starlit Voice Ltd. staff member, as described in the Starlit Voice Ltd. Child Protection and Safeguarding Code of Conduct.
  9. No employees or visitors may inappropriately consume, use or be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs when supervising or otherwise working with pupils. Starlit Voice Ltd. venues are no-smoking zones and no form of tobacco or e-cigarettes should be used either off site, when supervising or otherwise working with pupils, or on site at any time.
  10. Adults should never give pupils any drugs, (e-)cigarettes, images or reading material that is inappropriate.
  11. If a staff member recognises that a pupil may be infatuated by them, the Centre Director must be informed immediately.

In signing this declaration, I acknowledge that I have read, or been made aware of, the Starlit Voice Ltd. Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, and agree that in the course of my association with Starlit Voice Ltd, I must never:

  • hit, physically assault, or physically or psychologically abuse any child;
  • act in ways towards any child that may have a negative effect on their development, including their social and relational development;
  • act in ways that set a negative example for any children present;
  • engage in sexual activity or have sexual relations with any current pupil of Starlit Voice Ltd. (of any age) or any former Starlit Voice Ltd. pupil under 21 years of age, irrespective of the definition of the age of majority or the way in which consent is legally recognised in the different countries. (Believing that a child is older than s/he, in fact, is cannot be considered an acceptable defence);
  • have any relations with a child that could be considered exploitation, maltreatment or abuse;
  • act in ways that may be abusive or put a child at risk of exploitation, maltreatment or abuse;
  • use language (online /face to face), make suggestions or offer advice that is inappropriate, offensive or abusive;
  • behave in a manner that is inappropriate or sexually provocative (online, face to face, or any other medium);
  • establish or engage in continuous contacts with Starlit Voice Ltd. students using online personal communication (e-mail, chats, social networks etc.) – only professional online tools and environments the organisation knows about may be used;
  • do things for children of a personal nature that they can do themselves;
  • give money, goods or other benefits to a child without the Centre Director being aware of this;
  • offer transport in my car to a pupil without express parental/management permission unless in the case of emergency;
  • condone or participate in behaviour by children that is illegal, abusive or endangers their safety;
  • act in ways intended to shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade children, or otherwise perpetrate any form of emotional abuse;
  • discriminate against, show differential treatment towards or favour particular children to the exclusion of others.

This list is not exhaustive or exclusive. The basic principle is that you must avoid behaviours that may be inappropriate or potentially abusive towards children.

It is also important that all staff and associates of Starlit Voice Ltd, in any contact with children:

  • are quick to identify situations that may place a child at risk and know how to deal with such situations;
  • must report any concerns, suspicions or certainties about possible abuse or maltreatment of a child in accordance with the general regulations and this Code of Conduct;
  • organise work and the workplace in such a way as to minimise any risks;
  • always be as visible as possible to other adults when working with children;
  • ensure that members of staff develop a sense of responsibility with regard to the way they operate so that any actions or forms of behaviour that are inappropriate or may lead to abuse of children do not go unnoticed or are tolerated;
  • maintain the highest personal and professional discipline and integrity;
  • respect children’s rights and treat children in a fair and honest way with dignity and respect.