3:30pm – 6:30pm
Audition Date:

25 August 2018


The Programme

DSHK  Company is a creative theatre company for talented young performers ages 10 – 18.

At DSHK performers can continue their journey with the performing arts and take their passion and talent to the next level. DSHK focuses on the core disciplines found in professional actor training, incorporating acting, vocal training and movement. We also aim to help develop creative artists that understand all aspects of performance and production and DSHK’s unique approach to training ensures that members will also be introduced to the fundamentals of stage management as well as other creative areas such as lighting, sound and set design.

Why it’s a unique experience

Entry to DSHK Company is by audition and only the most committed and passionate of young performers are invited to become a company member. To ensure that each individual is given the room to grow and develop to their full potential, we only accept a maximum of twenty-four people into the company at any one time. Company members benefit from an exciting combination of technical classes led by experienced industry professionals, small showcase performances and larger public productions at major venues.

Core areas include:
Acting Technique

Drawing upon the theories of key practitioners such as Shakespeare, Brecht, Stanislavski, and Meisner.

Audition Preparation

Building a portfolio of audition material to demonstrate a range of technical ability at auditions.

Voice Work

Learning how to apply vocal dexterity and strength in the actor’s voice.

Singing for Performance

Developing musicality and interpretation through solo and choral work performance.


Exploring physical expression through a variety of contemporary and classical movement forms.

Production Management and Design

Understanding the key areas of stage management work from rehearsal to production, including an introduction to the core elements of set, sound and lighting design.

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Audition Requirements

We invite all interested participants to join us for a trial lesson. The goal is not just for us to get to know you and what you are capable of, but also for you to get to know us and see what we can offer you. You will be introduced to the current members of the DSHK Company and practitioners, and work with them as part of the company during the movement, acting and singing sessions. You will also have an opportunity to find out what to expect during a 1:1 chat with the Artistic Director.

A Partnership with International Recognition

Starlit’s unique association with LAMDA means that DSHK students will not only benefit from extensive technical skills training but will also take part in an internationally recognised qualification with LAMDA in May/June 2017 to validate the skills they have developed through their time on the programme. In addition to this, all DSHK students will receive a certificate on completion of one full academic year’s attendance.

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