Starlit Voice Creative Writing Course

Here at Starlit Voice, we enjoy a particularly clever turn of phrase; especially if it is particularly dramatic. Or particularly comedic. We’re not particularly particular.

The written word is the meat and potatoes of any creative community and as such, the Starlit Voice team has decided to go out of its way to promote a stable, sustainable, sensational and superb creative writing culture within Hong Kong and beyond.

We all have stories to tell, we just don’t know how to take the next step.

Therefore, we have put together a team of highly trained writing ninja’s, skilled in the art of long-form, short-form, scrawling scribbles. And this team is going to show you how to create worlds on a page.

We are proud to introduce the Starlit Voice Creative Writing Course.

The course is divided into three sections:

  • Easy-Breezy: For the younger crowd who have an interest in story writing or the non-English speakers who’d like to sharpen up on their writing skills.
  • Luke-Warm: Not quite Shakespeare, but not quite Dr Seuss either. This is for the more advanced student who already has a firm grip on language use but would like to put their creativity to the test.
  • The Lemons of Life: Here we will look at fine tuning the already experienced mind, like a well-oiled machine.

Students will take part in weekly, one-hour sessions. Each week they will focus on a different fundamental principle which they will then apply to their own written pieces. By the end of the course, each student will have written their own masterpiece, whether it be a poem for the younger students or a full-length one-act theatre script for the more experienced learners. These completed pieces will then be performed in front of a live audience, by either the authors themselves our very own Drama School HK students. The pieces will all be published on our dedicated web page for all to see and admire. Who knows, there might even be a prize involved… (In literary terms, this is called “Building Anticipation.” That’s your first lesson.)

Starlit Voice – Creative Writing 創意寫作



November 11, 18, 25

December 16

Class Times and Fees

Age 5-7:$400 / Class (1 hr)

Age 8-11:$450 / Class (1.5hrs)

Age 12+:$450 / Class (1.5hrs)


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