Weekend Programme

The theatre is
called magical
for a reason!

As long as your imagination is vivid enough, anything can happen onstage! Starlit Voice’s Summer Theatre Programme Magical Tales introduces students to the magic of theatre through themed performing arts classes.

Open to children aged 4-17 and split into various age groups to facilitate specialized teacher-student attention, Magical Tales will give children the opportunities to learn and perform selections from a featured musical over nine weeks. Students will develop the acting, dancing and singing skills to perform confidently, and learn how to take risks and works collaboratively. Students will be able to sign up for optional workshops that focus on specialized performance topics (such as stage combat, mime and more!).

With Magical Tales, Students will not only walk away as more confident and imaginative onstage performers; they will create special memories to reassure forever! Want to know more? Check out the details below!

One-off Workshops

uncover an exciting world of
acting, drama & music!
the world’s
a stage...


For a strong grasp of diction
& vocal projection
Let thy speech be better than silence; or else be silent!

Youth Theatre Factory

serious performing art
Life is not a dress rehearsal!