Private Class

Bespoke & tailored to you

For students seeking specialized attention, we offer private one-on-one instruction with our qualified instructors. These lessons are tailored to students’ individual goals, and are offered in a range of subjects. Great care is taken to match an instructor’s specialization with each student’s needs. 

Lessons are offered weekly in 30-minute or 60-minute increments to all age groups four and up.


Applause is a receipt, not a bill.
Our team of performance professionals will guarantee a standing ovation.

LAMDA Exam Preparation

Success is where preparation &
opportunity meet.
The LAMDA Examination is the perfect way to walk away with an internationally recognised performance qualification. From Acting to Musical Theatre to Shakespeare, we can help you prepare.


Rhetoric is the art of
ruling the minds of men.
An audience can be frightening. But they don't have to be. We can guide you on the path towards eloquence.


If I can not fly, let me sing!
Be breathtaking... Just don't forget to breathe!

Speech Festival Preparation

By failing to prepare,
you are preparing to fail.
We currently offer preparation for the Hong Kong Speech Festival and can tailor tuition to the individual needs of each student.

Interview Techniques

Doubt kills more dreams
than failure ever will.
Let us help you build your powers of persuasion.

Presentation Skills

All the great speakers where bad speakers at first.
Clear, concise, coherent and logical... with a hint of spectacular.


The bridge between confusion & clarity.
We'll make sure that even the little old lady sitting way in the back will hear you.

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