Clarissa Evans

Clarissa’s original career was in banking with Danske Bank. Outside of work, she pursued her interest in Speech and Drama through exams in Spoken English, Verse and Prose, Acting, and Reading for Performance with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Moving to Hong Kong in 1995, Clarissa founded her first drama school “Shamrock Drama” in Discovery Bay and also taught at Discovery Mind Kindergarten. On returning to the UK in 2000, Clarissa established the Malone School of Speech and Drama teaching the LAMDA syllabus to over two hundred pupils. In 2010 Clarissa returned to Hong Kong and founded Starlit Voice, recognising the demand for quality After School Activity programmes, validated by accredited external examinations. Clarissa was instrumental in Starlit Voice obtaining LAMDA’s appointment as their official representative in Hong Kong.

At the heart of Starlit Voice is the desire for every participant to feel good about themselves, whilst accessing programmes where individual personalities and talents are given a platform. Clarissa advocates that the most important skills a person can have are to communicate in a way that makes them memorable and to have the confidence to display a sense of themselves when presenting or meeting people. Talents that will take them further in today’s world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Favorite food.  

Chocolate, need you ask?

Favorite colour.


Cats, dogs or neither.  

Neither not really an animal person, prefer humans 🙂

Would you like to go to Space?

Yes, just the moon would do as watched the first moon landings as a child

Have you ever eaten a raw chilli?

NO way

Do you believe aliens exist?  

Think there must be something out there, hope they are friendly!

Have you ever broken a bone?

Only a finger, cutting turf on a peat bog in Ireland.

Character you would like to play on stage/screen.

Ange Bowie, married to David Bowie, must have been crazy days…

Are you good at chess?

Average, usually beaten by my children

Do you now, or have you ever owned/ridden a motorcycle?

Hate them, too dangerous

Favorite place in Hong Kong.

On a junk on a sunny day

Favorite place in your home country.

Portballintrae beach, near Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

What can you never go without?

My family

What is your special talent?

I knit patchwork rugs, I can ski backwards

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