Boy, do we have news for you!


The Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association (HKSMSA) celebrates 70 years of excellence in 2018 with a unique Gala Performance. Starlit Voice is proud to have been chosen as co-producer of this prestigious event, which will showcase some of the winners of previous Music and Speech Festivals focusing on the theme of celebration.

As co-producer, we’ve been given the opportunity to create and direct the Drama Medley – English Speech Performance.

The performance is titled ‘Inspiration’ and focuses on the journey, the creativity and the courage of every student who has ever taken to a stage to present their skills. The script was developed by J.M. Brink in collaboration with the HKSMSA to reflect their mission of  “Inspire‧Evolve‧Ascend”.  Every aspect of the production seeks to highlight and celebrate each performer’s natural talents with a combination of speech, movement and musical underscore.

We set out to give these young performers a varied rehearsal experience, focusing on each student’s ability to clearly convey ideas and emotions.

It is our sincerest hope that the youth of Hong Kong will continue to take part in the HKSMSA Speech and Music Festivals. It has been an immense pleasure working with each of them and we look forward to seeing them on stage; the place they all so clearly deserve to be. We wish the HKSMSA a happy birthday; Starlit Voice, young performers everywhere and Hong Kong celebrate with you!

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