Meet the Team

We are a diverse group of highly experienced professional practitioners with backgrounds in professional theatre, television, film and education. We are connected by a shared drive, a wealth of expertise and a passion to inspire and engage creative imaginations at every level. We are a ‘creative hub’ forum where each individual can find expression with others in an exciting shared environment of progressive learning and personal development.

Jan Brink

Centre Director

Kendra Cui

Head Performing Arts Practitioner

Janice Cho

Senior Admin &
Marketing Executive

Susanna Cheng

Production & Film Designer

Ben Beregszaszi

Performing Arts Practitioner

Hanco Kamper

Graphic Designer


Starlit Voice Ltd are looking for exceptional people to join their team of full-time practitioners.

We specialize in drama and performing arts education, professional vocational training and in creating exciting and innovative theatre productions. We are looking for professionals who can join our highly creative team and contribute to our mission of powering performing arts forward in Hong Kong.