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此問卷的目的是了解觀眾觀賞表演藝術的模式,此問卷分為三部分,約需時五至十分鐘完成,問卷結果將提升Starlit Voice對觀眾喜好的認知, 並有助我們策劃節目及推廣。取得的資料只會用作市場調查用途。

This survey aims to gain a better understanding of performing arts appreciation by the audience. This survey consists of 3 parts, and takes approximately ten minutes to complete.

Result of this survey will help Starlit Voice further its understanding of the audience’s preference.  All information provided will only be used for marketing research purpose.


Answer the questionnaire and get the chance to win two free tickets!


意見問題 Opinion Questions

5. 整體而言,你認為以下各種因素對你決定是否觀看某項藝術表演有多重要呢?請你用 1-5 分評價一下,1 分代表完全不重要,5 分代表非常重要。 In general, how important are each of the following factors in your decision to attend arts and entertainment activities, using a scale of 1 (not at all important) to 5 (extremely important)?

個人資料 Personal Particulars


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