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You only have 24 hours to create a play from scratch!

Starlit Voice in collaboration with Treasure Chest Theatre brings you 24 Hour Theatre.

Over the course of 24 hours actors, writers and directors will conceptualize, develop and create a 10 minute theatre production. At the end of the 24 hour creative period, the production will be staged in front of a live audience.

How Does it Work?

Six writers will write six scripts. These scripts will then be assigned to six directors will direct a cast of actors in a ten minute performance. Writers, Actors and Directors will convene at 7pm on the 13th at the McAulay Studio. Writers will then randomly select a theme to write about. Casts and directors will also be assigned at random.

Then the fun begins!

Writers, directors and actors will then go off to do their respective things. Time slots will be allotted to each group (at random) during which they will have the full technical support of the theatre space in order to have a full dress run.

At 7pm on the 14th, all preparations will cease and the doors to the theatre will open to the public.

Some Details

Dates and times:

13th of December, 7pm – meet at McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wan Chai

14th of December, 9am – technical rehearsal time in the theatre begins

14th of December, 7pm – End of creative period. All reconvene at McAulay Studio

14th of December, 8pm – Performance starts.

Some important details to note:

Writers and directors are pre-selected. Any and all actors and performers are welcome to sign up, however, actors must be aged 14 and up. Taking part in the 24 Hour Theatre programme is completely free. Tickets for the public performance are HKD150.


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