The Return of the Rogue Child

So apparently, Starlit Voice had a magical crystal that they put away with their props, and apparently I wasn’t supposed to touch it. So I’m back for another month of “work experience” while they lift the curse. In the meantime, I had fun helping around! 

Week One, the fun has begun!
Week Two, same things to do!

Good Morning!

I accidentally used a teleportation spell instead of a summoning spell, so I woke up on the grounds of Kellett School for Gifted Youngsters, where I was instructed to spend my mornings helping with the Summer Blockbuster Project.

“Gentle!” I hear you yell at your screen, “What is the Summer Blockbuster Project? And when will you stop pretending that you can hear me through the screen?” Well, I’d be happy to answer one of those questions (can’t always get what you want). 

 The Summer Blockbuster Project is: 
  1. – A programme where 4-13 year olds to come in and prepare a performance in 5 days
  2. – A great experience for children to have fun and make friends
  3. – A fun course to develop your child’s confidence and interpersonal skills

It is not

  1. – A cover up for our 100% legal tangerine exporting business
  2. – Training grounds for students to learn the ins and outs of underwater ballet
  3. – A “Magic School Bus”-thing, where we take your children on magic adventures

Definitely the first three and NOT the other ones. Just making it clear that we are not, nor are we in contact with any, tangerine exporters.

Working with children on short plays was an amazing experience, second only to legally exporting tangerines. 

Within the Summer Blockbuster, I helped to watch over the kids, take photos, and demonstrate a bit of underwater ballet. Owen, the leader of the course, not only taught the kids how to use their voices, but he also taught me how to best adapt to the needs of the kids in the course, how to transition between activities, and what to do if I did get trapped in space and/or time. 

Again, I have to emphasise that we did not go through space or time in this course. We only did the plays, and definitely didn’t visit any dinosaurs. 

Good Afternoon

That afternoon, as I re-entered the Starlit office, Jan sent me on a dangerous quest into…

The Black Hole

“The Black Hole” is a terrifying storage closet that no human has ever escaped from. That’s because no-one has ever entered it; there is a box in the way. The ground is covered in props and junk. The lights are blocked out by bags of costumes like stormy clouds over a dark forest, and the walls are hidden by tall props and poles. 

That’s why Jan sent a small child into the closet to clear out the trash and organize the not-trash. 

Last year (technically, 8 months ago was a year ago), I made a list of the cool stuff I found while cleaning up, so I guess the laws of blog-post sequels are begging me to make “Cool Stuff part 2; Electric Boogaloo”. 

I found two dried out paint brushes, a bonnet (or neck ruffle… hard to tell), a terrifying Shrek mask (see photo below for reference), oodles and oodles of string noodles, a tiny tiny shirt, like 20 pairs of glasses that look exactly like mine, an adorable fake bird, more fabric than I weigh, unicorn horns, 3 different shiny capes (obviously I tried on all of them), a box of Pokemon toys (the Starlit treasure), a skull, and my personal favourite; a rat bucket (We named the rats!). 

(The process of cleaning up the Black Hole)

(Gentle’s Misadventures in the Black Hole)

(An image of Gentle's Serial Killer-sona)

(The Rat Bucket & All of their Rat names)

Week Three, Progress for me!

Well, I’ve got one week to stay in the office. What to do? Well, I’ve got 4 options: 

1. Make some props (the fun option)
2. Finish cleaning up The Black Hole (the predictable option)
3. Take on a new project (the mysterious option)
4. Do absolutely nothing and melt into the floor (the chaotic option)

Or! I can do something unpredictable and do 1-3! Haw haw haw!!! Betcha didn’t expect that, now did you?

Making Props!

I got to make some elemental-birds for the Summer Blockbuster program “Lally and the Firebird”. 

They were made with umbrellas. Now, you may be wondering: “Isn’t opening an umbrella indoors bad luck?” Well, tell that to my 13 black cats. 

It was really fun to just go nuts with the fabrics and designs without worrying too much about it looking like something. 

Cleaning The Black Hole

On the last day for me to finish cleaning up The Black Hole, two of the other staff members at Starlit Voice came to help me finish! How noble! 

Owen helped me to finish packing up the costumes and to lift heavy things (because I am but a small child with tiny baby arms)

Jan on the other hand, the one who sent me on this perilous quest in the first place, the hero of these lands, both the knight AND the dragon combined into one, came into the props closet, moved half of the Fabrics into the cabinet, and then took a break. 

Amazing act of chivalry. My hero. (But in all seriousness, thank you two for helping :D. Enjoy this extremely flattering photo of Jan)

But, folks, y’all know that I’m a fan of humour. Absolutely nothing here in my blog post(s) is even the slightest itty bitty bit humourous or sarcastic, but I like jokes. So here’s a slight picking of my favourite labels in the props closet:

“De-light-ful Lights”, “Minecraft (Craft Materials)”, “Feathers of a feather flock together”, “Costumes”, “Costumes, but higher”, “Make Up (your mind)”, “Pumped for Pumps”, and some that I can’t even say out loud, so look: 

Start a new project

😉 wink wonk

The draft (click on the big black void to see it!). “Why is there a giant black bar through the middle?” I don’t know either. 

Week 4, There's no more

This is my last week at Starlit Voice, and what better way to end this amazing experience than to help them with one of the big projects of the year, “West End Stage”? 

What else is there to say that hasn’t already been said about the West End Stage? It’s an amazing course and everyone in it is so lovely! It was wonderful being around such sweet, funny, and engaging people all week, and I learned so much from both the practitioners from Starlit, the participants of the course, and (of course) the incredible actors from London. 

(To the participants of WES: If you want to solve the mystery of how old I am, please solve this equation that I spent 2 hours making that will take you about one Google search to solve: 

(x + 2) / (2x – 2(6*9)^2 + 109) = 12

From, DJ)

Any last words, Gentle?

What are you, a cop? Some sort of overly-dramatic creepo? (what do you mean I wrote that title myself? No I didn’t.  I’m not dying, my internship is just ending. 

Okay okay, I’ll be serious for a hot second. So, I’ve learned a bunch of things here at Starlit Voice this month: 

1. Teaching kids requires a lot of patience and a lot of thought, but be kind (and learn how to splel) and you can do it
2. If you don’t organise your things, you’ll create a world destroying vortex that’ll be a pretty big inconvenience
3. Use your skills and your time wisely. The future is bright (in fact, it’s Starlit… hehehehehehehehehehe)
4. Seriously! Everyone here is so lovely! 

Everyone here has been so amazing!!! Thank you all for joking around with me, borrowing your stuff to me (sorry Jan), and letting me be a part of the Starlit Voice family for this month. I wish I could spend more time working with/messing around with/learning from all of you, but apparently, I “have to go to school” and I “can’t spend the rest of my life being an intern.” or whatever. 

I hope to see you all again someday 😀

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