Well, well, well. Look who it is!

In December last year, The Hong Kong Theatre Company staged its debut production, Dr. Faustus, at the McAulay Studio at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in Wan Chai. We were very proud to have some of our very own practitioners be a part of the classic Marlowe tale of one man’s pride, folly and eventual downfall. It’s little surprise, then, that we were fit to burst with excitement at the news that our team of talented theatre makers are back at it and will be bringing Dr. Faustus to the stage again in April. You may have seen them in a class, you may have spoken with them on the phone, but now’s your chance to see our practitioners do what they do best.

With Vincent Warren taking the directorial reins, and Jonathan Daly as assistant director, come see Wendy Pitt, Owen Liggett, Tiffany Leung and Jan Brink as Dr. Faustus, make magic on stage. But theatre is nothing if not collaborative and as such they are joined on stage, and behind the scenes, by a diverse group of highly skilled musicians, technicians, designers and actors. Because, contrary to popular belief, it takes a team to make Jan look good. You can find bios on our practitioners here.

At Starlit Voice, we pride ourselves on the fact that our teachers are more than just teachers. They are practitioners, which means, in every sense, they practice what they preach. They are, all of them, professional theatre makers in their own rights, and as such, bring a wide range of practical knowledge to the classroom.

Dr. Faustus, a 16th century play about a man who makes an ill-fated deal with the devil, is given a modern revamp and showcases all the unique talent that we at Starlit Voice are proud to call our colleagues. From dance, to physical theatre, to live music and singing, even a dash of puppetry thrown in for flavor, this production has it all, and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Of course, we say this because we’re biased, so don’t take our word for it. Book those tickets and see for yourself! For more details on the cast, crew and tickets visit www.hongkongtheatrecompany.com or contact The Hong Kong Theatre Company at info@hongkongtheatrecompany.com.

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