DSHK is going international

Drama School Hong Kong is being brought to Thailand!

This year, we join forces with Traidhos Three Generation Camps to deliver a specialized drama and theatre workshop series against the backdrop of some of Thailand’s most beautiful scenery. Without further ado, we welcome you to leafy Chiang Mai and into world of Magic & Mayhem!

Prepare to embark on a mystical and turbulent adventure as our team of highly skilled practitioners guide you through some of Shakespeare’s and Marlowe’s famously gritty and unworldly plays. Experience a week of high energy English drama training culminating in a unique group performance.

Going once, going twice, going THREE times…

If you can’t make one of our workshops, don’t panic, we have the dates covered!

The Tempest

April 6 – 12

Dive into the magical abyss of one of Shakespeare’s final plays. Find yourself washed up on the shoreline of a strange, isolated island. Mystery, manipulation and a measure of comedy make this one wonderfully wild tale.


7th – 13th July

Macbeth, mighty general and war hero. Lady Macbeth, Macbeth’s wife, cunning as a fox, and as venomous as a viper. Love can be a poison, arsenic dipped in honey, and darkness can be born of goodness. A great epic is spun, as the two plot and conspire for the throne. 

Dr. Faustus

21st – 27th October

Dr. Faustus wants it all, but when he makes a deal with the devil he gets a greater barter than he bargained for. Sorcery, seduction and a dance with the devil. A ferocious frenzy of decadent delights, a spectacularly devilish display.

For an unforgettable performance experience in Thailand, register online at http://www.camps.threegeneration.org/camps or call 053 307 500, Ext 5008.

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