A couple of kids invaded our office!

Hello there dear reader. Tis I, one of the meddling kids that has invaded Starlit Voice for this thing called “Work Experience.” What is that you ask? Working without pay. 

Now, what exactly happened during the past two weeks? Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you! 


One day gone… that flew by. Boy howdy, at Sonic the Hedgehog speed that day is gone.

“Gentle, what was it like working there?” I hear literally no-one cry out. Well, I’m glad you asked, you non-existent person.

Heeeeeeere at Starlit Voice they, quote, “use you”. Your job is whatever they need someone for (Or when they don’t want to do their jobs *cough cough* please don’t fire me *cough cough*).

You’d never be bored because you’d almost always have something to do and it’s always something fun! And if you really don’t have anything to do, they have MSPaint on the computers, so it’s all good in the end : )


I’m back with another blog post about why you should get work experience with Starlit Voice. Is it because they’re paying me? Absolutely not, this is work experience, not an actual job. Getting an actual job here is a whole other can of worms.

You should work here cos it’s such a great experience! You get a taste of everything from how to market a company to helping the teachers teach the kids. 

Today we set out into the world for the first (and probably not the last) time. 

We worked with a few of the kids at Canadian International and we also got permission to give out pamphlets from That Theatre Place TM (The Hong Kong Arts Centre). 

Walking? Outside? Fun? Maybe?

Gosh golly, what a busy day, I’m exhausted. 


“Gentle!” I pretend to hear you cry “Why are all your photos so terrible? And why are your blog posts so unfunny?” Because STARLIT VOICE TM is a fun place for fun times. But also work. You gotta do work too. 

We witnessed our first rehearsal today. There were spooky skeletons, big heavy boxes, fancy highlighted scripts, everything a rehearsal should have! 

We’re about to set out into the world for a grand adventure called delivering flyers. So toodles for now! 


Hear ye! Hear ye! Have you heard? Starlit is moving offices, and we’re here to help pack up 😀

It’s a bunch o’ work, but there ain’t no problem with that! That’s what work experience is for… doing work. 

There were also a few things we had to research for one of the crew’s classes, but that’s not as exciting as What We Found in the Office While Packing!!!

There was a fish hat (see in the picture) the fanciest pair of goggles in the world, the most realistic fake grapes you’ll ever see, not-realistic bananas, a whole lot of Roald Dahl books, 3 different hook hands, a fancy stash of bowler hats, cartoon towels for days, a lightsaber, the fakest microphone in the world, 5 different umbrellas, a faux red velvet trench coat, the cover for “Twilight” by Stephanie Myers (just the Cover), and much much more! 

TL;DR – We got to look at all the fancy stuff in the office! 

So what did we learn today? We learned that through hard work, you’ll get to see many of life’s most beautiful things… like a parrot puppet.

9th of November 2018

Another rehearsal, another day of assistant-teaching kids… the two things that I came here to do! What could be more swell? 


What did I learn today? Well 

  1. Putting on a show is a lot of work, and helping hands help to speed that work along! 
  2. According to the kids, everything in the world beeps like a truck. Who knew! 
  3. Surprisingly less panic than I thought there would be… 

Enjoy your day! And as Dr Faustus would say, “*Insert screams of pain and agony here*.”


Guess what? I’m getting married! 

Who’s the lucky spouse? The props list apparently. 

Oh boy? Props making for “Dr. Faustus”! Well, prop material buying? This is the surprisingly boring part. It’s kind of hard to find the exact fabric you’d need but I’m looking forward to actually making the props! And the wedding reception! Can’t wait for that either! 

For the rest of the week, we were making some of the props for the show, but it would be boring to just read “Prop making is fun. Rehearsals were splendid. Do some Work Experience at Starlit. Jan is the best and he didn’t even bribe me with cake to say that.” over and over again. 

So enjoy this mini-photo gallery! 

16/11/18 - THE FINAL DAY!

This is so sad, Alexa play Despacito. 

I’ll be leaving Starlit? Why? Because my school said so. Oh how my fragile heart mourns. There are many reasons why I’m holding back definitely genuine tears this day. 

  1. Working here was so much fun and I got to do so many different things that I never expected I’d do and applied so many skills that I thought would be useless. 
  2. The people here are really nice, funny, and welcoming (especially since we invaded your office and kicked you off your computers. Thanks for the cake and the green tea!)
  3. I learned so much about how a company like this works and what kind of career I’d be signing up for if I want to do this in the future. 
  4. I don’t want to go back to school. 

But every employment has to end, and I guess mine shall end tonight. Until the next time I invade, I bid thee adieu. 


(P.S. That one time you guys weren’t in the office, we went through your stuff and we now know all your secrets! >:D Like how Jan [This content has been deleted by the editor, Jan Brink]

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