10 Days of Drama with Logan

The Beginning of the Marketing Side - Day 1

First day of work and I have mixed feelings. Quite nervous but mostly excited to do something related to my passion instead of being stuck in school studying population density and quadratics. No shade.

During the Summer, I contacted Starlit Voice to gain insight on this theatre company in Hong Kong, what it’s like to work with Drama practitioners. I am very passionate for Drama and so I am very confident about my World Of Work Experience.

First day of my two week internship here already getting productive! I first helped the team sort out pictures that I thought were “worthy” of publicity, social media and the company websites into this “Useful” folder. Then I helped one of the marketing persons, Abee, make Instagram posts to promote their upcoming production, Dr. Faustus. I didn’t really like some of the designs but I liked the ones I made for the “7 Days til the show” type thing.

Today was mainly sit down work and learning a bit about their marketing and promotion.

The Teaching and Leading Side with Owen - Day 2

I arrived on time to work this morning but I was one of the first ones there still. So I just continued working on my publicity posts and sent out a few emails. The team talked through what was going to happen today and I went downstairs for my lunch break. Just a quick sandwich, chocolate and snack. Gentle, the other intern and I took a cab to Canadian International (CDNIS) with Owen for a LAMDA training after school class with some 10 year old kids. On the way there, Owen had a casual conversation with us about what Drama school is like and what it’s like to work in a theatre company along with other Drama Practitioners.

We then did a lesson plan before the class and I learnt a few things about planning the class, what to do when multiple behaviours occur, outcomes, lesson objective and different teaching styles. To start of the class we had 2 drama games which Gentle and I lead. I learnt to keep it simple and full of energy, with the main objective being focus, concentration and energy. I was happy with how we helped out in the class such as moving furniture, leading the drama games and just assisting and observing how Owen teaches and manages a drama class.

I got back to the office and went to Admiralty with Abee to request a permit for the flyers so that we can distribute Dr. Faustus posters sometime this week. Tiring day but excited to attend a Dr. Faustus rehearsal tomorrow hopefully!!!

The Travel Side - Day 3

First thing in the morning, colleagues Jan, Jonathan and Tiffany brought Gentle and I down the street to the studio for Dr. Faustus rehearsals. I helped carry some props and folders. There in the rehearsal studio was Vince, Owen, newly met Claudia and Wendy, and a musician whom I do not know the name of. I observed Vince and Jonathan directing actors Jan and Claudia in their scene. I observed Owen in a scene and performing live music with Vince and the musician. I really liked their harmony, by the way. Here and there I took some pictures.

Maybe after 2 hours or so I helped pack up and bring the crates and props back to the office across the road. Gentle and I planned getting to the locations we had to go to distribute flyers and now I am sitting down at my office desk, typing away and reflecting on my 2 and a half days so far. I’m really enjoying work right now, and I feel confident, responsible and glad to be working with a theatre company with lovely and humorous grown ups.

I went for my lunch break and stayed in the office for a quick rest then Gentle and I went around Hong Kong to distribute Dr. Faustus flyers. We first walked to Tai Kwun down a few roads where the inside square looked like Italy. I found the Box Office and gave them 50 flyers. Then we walked to Central Station near exit J2 just a small walk from IFC where we arrived at the Hong Kong City Hall to give them another 50. After, we took a train from Central to Chai Wan. They are at opposite ends of the Island line! Arriving at Chai Wan and walking through a mall, we reach Youth Square and found the Box Office and did the same thing. We are on the other side of the island now and I’m satisfied with completing this. Time to have a good rest at home!

The Bilingual Side - Day 4

Arriving to work with nothing on my mind. I had plenty of good rest after a long day yesterday. Arriving at the office, I chilled until Jonathan came and gave me a task to do. I helped him find an additional Readers Theatre script that is related to culture for a kids drama class. It was hard to find free short scripts with that specific profile, but I finally found one that doesn’t really do with culture but its origins are Norwegian. Turns out we could just find myth stories so I found some more and sent them to Jonathan. I then sorted the pictures I took yesterday at the rehearsal and uploaded them into a Google Drive folder to share with the team.

Abee had someone calling the company with inquiries about Starlit’s programme and had me translate the call because the caller speaks Mandarin. It was a challenge but I understood what she was saying and was able to communicate. I then sorted some flyers into packages to distribute at new locations.

After a long lunch break, Gentle and I packed up the company’s stuff. It was easier than I thought and was pretty fun packaging cardboard boxes and moving them, surprisingly. Jonathan made me some tea and needed my help to be on a call for another parents who also only spoke Mandarin. It was also challenging because I wasn’t fluent but I could do it anyway.

At 5 I travelled on my own to TST and Ho Man Tin to deliver more Dr. Faustus flyers to end the day. Feeling satisfied with my productive day and am ready to have a well deserved rest.

The Poetic Side - Day 5

Every Wednesday and Friday is a rehearsal for Dr. Faustus. I observed the cast members and their progression in the production and took a few pictures here and there. After lunch I helped do some more packing. Books and books and paper and paper. There were more LAMDA materials and resources in the office than I thought there was. There was still a bit of time before going to Kellett school for a drama class and so I distributed some flyers around the building. It was a little awkward because I didn’t know them and most of the companies are very closed off. At least I tried right?

Gentle and I joined Jonathan chasing a bus to get to Kellett school in Pok Fu Lam. We went to the staff room for tea and biscuits as Jonathan and Owen – who joined us along with Tiffany –  were telling us bad jokes. In the Drama class, we played a few games and the kids prepared for their LAMDA exams. I helped a few kids practice their poems, do exercises involving altering the emotions in their poem and using voice to deliver the mood. At the end of the class they performed their chosen poem in front of everyone.

I really like joining these drama classes at different schools and hopefully next week I can go to more classes. But for now, I will enjoy my weekend.


The Stage Prop Side - Day 6

First day of Week 2 here at Starlit Voice for work experience and I heard there are new things for us to work on. Gentle and I updated our blog entries and planned a visit with Tiffany to Sham Shui Po for prop material hunting. But for most of the morning it was a relaxing a chill time with some colleagues. After my lunch break, Gentle and I took a train to Sham Shui Po and visited Dragon Centre. No luck there so we went to the Bazaar, a fabric emporium.

The Bazaar surprised me.

It was this market looking fabric maze with all kinds of colours and textures for you to choose from. Fabric hunting is not my thing but Bazaar is this maze of so much fabric it amazes me.

Gentle and I spent maybe 2 and a half hours there looking for fabric of the correct colour and texture to make props. You can see me satisfied after being able to finally purchase what we needed after 2 and a half hours.

I’ve never seen a fabric emporium like this so it was quite interesting and special and it was challenging to find the exact colours and texture we needed. Good thing we asked around and the fabric sellers there were very helpful. All in all, I was totally surprised with this whole visit and it opened my eyes.

The Untitled Side - Day 7

Feeling relaxed right off the bat because the whole morning was a chill and relaxing personal work time for me. Jaime posted a picture I took at a Dr. Faustus rehearsal onto the HK Theatre Company Facebook page. I updated my personal reflections, sent some emails and went for an early lunch break. It was the day off for some of the colleagues so we mostly just chatted. Jaime and Abee brought me around Tai Kwun to get bubble tea and lunch.

When we got back Gentle arrived so we started making props. I wrapped prop books with paper and fabric and created hardcover shells for them underneath. Some of the books that Gentle and I did weren’t done nicely so I redid them. The rest of the afternoon was just spent cutting fabric, sticking things and wrapping things. It was challenging to work with Gentle on this project because her views on how the props should look like are different than mine. There was also some misunderstanding on what she wanted but instead of doing it her way we just compromised. Today I learnt that making props is not as easy as you thought. It is very time consuming and focus based.

Although today wasn’t the most eventful, it was definitely a long day.

The Design Side - Day 8

Another rehearsal day, but this time Ms. Sanker is coming to the company to chat with me, as she is my advisor. I helped bring crates and boxes over to the rehearsal location and took many photos whilst observing this new scene they were practicing. I learnt about the importance of spacial awareness, levels, flow and transition. Ms. Sanker came early so we chatted about how I felt about the World Of Work Experience. I told her what were the things I did, contributed, and the values I am gaining from this experience. I’m very happy with the casual conversation. After she left and the rehearsal has ended, I went back to the office with the others for some office sit down work.

I went out for my lunch break and when I got back, most of the colleagues left for Drama classes, early leave, other errands etc. So Gentle and I continued making props. I used chalk to add some colour to the book covers to make it look older and added a few rips and holes for the fabric ones. I then glued on some ribbon and turned the book covers into sleeves. It was frustrating when you spent a lot of time working on something and you realise you’ve done it wrong, or it isn’t good enough, but nothing else was on my mind and we had no other task that day so it was alright. 

Surprisingly, Gentle and I worked until 6:20pm, which was over our work hours and we didn’t even realise. No one from Starlit Voice was in the office and so we continued to work until I realised it was past 6. Either way, I have enjoyed my experience at Starlit so far. Everyone’s really nice and helpful.

The Patient Side - Day 9

Tomorrow is my last day for work experience here at Starlit. Today I continued to decorate the book covers and sewing sleeves. My day was mostly spent sewing and sewing and sewing. It took a lot of patience and was pretty time consuming, but the result was amazing and I am very happy with my work. I then uploaded the pictures from the Dr. Faustus rehearsal yesterday and shared it with everyone.

Today was all about patience and calmness and all the colleagues are very helpful and kind. Jaime lended me her earphones so I could listen to music and work. The work environment is comfy and the people are nice to work around. To end my day, Jaime and I went to E-banner E-print to collect 2 huge HK Theatre Company and Dr. Faustus banners back to the office.

Tomorrow is my last day, we’ll see what’s up

The Incredible Side - Gratitudes Day 10

Today is the last day of my work experience here at Starlit and honestly I am going to miss it. We first went to the Red Shoe studio for Dr. Faustus rehearsals and as usual I helped out with transporting props and set items to and from locations. One part of Dr. Faustus includes and audience participation so today during rehearsals, I played the audience for Joel to practice interacting with the audience member.

After rehearsals, I returned to the office to pack some puppets, leaflets, posters, pictures, additional props and costume pieces into boxes to bring to Kennedy Town for the Dr. Faustus open rehearsal in the evening. I then made some scrolls and it was really interesting because I tried using a lighter to make the burnt edges of the scrolls but it was too windy outside. So instead, I ripped the edges and used black and brown chalk to fake the burnt edges. To me, it’s quite realistic and I am very happy with it. I even added real coffee stains for the aesthetic I was going for!

Jaime, Gentle, Tiffany, Abee and I ordered pizza and shared pizza for late lunch. We just had fun in the office, really, because it was my last day. Before we left to go to Kennedy Town, I worked on the company’s website a bit. The open rehearsal was at The Hive, Kennedy Town and the location was very interesting. I’ve never seen a workspace like that. I helped set up the chairs, putting flyers on seats, putting up photos, setting up a display counter and more. After the open rehearsal, I thanked everyone and gave them my personal thank you cards.  

I’m actually so grateful I got to work here with everyone. Everyone is so supportive, funny, nice, helpful and awfully kind. I’ve gained awesome and eye opening experience, knowledge and insight on the work environment of something I want to do in the future. In general, I had such a good experience and will never forget the 10 days here at Starlit Voice. I’m so so thankful.

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